New Afrikan Criminology Journal

(Introductory Issue)

by an unknown author

New Afrikan Criminology 101
The present system and teachings of criminology are both fundamentally and theoretically eurocentric. And this can and has led to a misinterpretation of crime and criminal behavior in the New Afrikan (Black) Community. Though we acknowledge that there exist some similarities in the basic theoretical functions in criminal behavior, but the social factors which are conducive towards the manifestation of criminal behavior posses some inherent elements which are exclusive, and often times the trigger mechanism which gave birth to that behavior is revealed in identifying that which is exclusive opposed to the obvious similarities.

Guerilla War Lit. 101

An Anthology of Insurrectionary Fiction!

by an unknown author

The Mali Mau Insurgency of the 1950's paved way for Kenyan Independence in 1963 and hastened the independence of other British Colonies.


Thirty were in the band which hit the Loman farm before day break. They slew all in the household and looted it of food, guns and ammunition and vanished into the bush again, and nobody shouted 'There they go!' because it was a sweet time for them to strike, when the morning ebb had drained the vigilance from the beleaguered settlers. But the looters found only three rifles.

Now three rifles were not enough to arm the gun-less ones, so Nebu, who had joined General Koko's camp just four forays before, went without a rifle. And, puzzled at his constant ill luck, he now ran in the wake of his fellows as they entered the forest behind the farmhouse. Once among the trees, the troop took up the swinging trot which would put some twenty miles behind them by the time the raid was discovered by the morning patrol from Nairobi.

Back to the Roots

Anarchists as Revolutionary Organizers

by Ian Martin

What's the difference between an activist and an organizer? The distinction is quite important. An activist Is committed and responsible to an issue, they are what I call 'issue-centered'. The issue can be anything from war to globalization to anarchism itself. Activists then attempt to rally people around this issue based on individuals' moral commitments and beliefs. For activists, an organization is simply a means to effect change and win some victories regarding the given issue.

Fighting Back

Self Defense for Women and Girls

by an unknown author

Body Language
Staring at the ground, hunched shoulders, hiding your hands in your pockets, making yourself small, carries the message 'I'm weak and vulnerable!' Women get targeted as easy prey. So having strong body language decreases our risk of being fucked around. Make eye contact with people in a way that lets them know you've seen them. Swing your arms when walking, take up space. Strong body language not only affects how others see us, it increases our own confidence.

Stomp to Knee
Bring the knee up and then drive the foot out, hitting the knee with your heel. This can be done from the side or from in front or even from behind.

Stomp to Foot
Scrape your heel down from the knee onto the top of the foot with a strong stomp either from behind/ in front/ the side.

Models of Revolution

Rural Women and Anarchist Collectivization In Civil War Spain

by Martha A. Ackelsberg

This article explores revolutionary activities its rural Spain during the years of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), comparing two different (anarchist) perspectives on the nature of women's subordination and empowerment. One evident in the activities of the mainstream anarcho-syndicalist movement understood women's subordination to be rooted in her economic domination and, consequently, viewed economic participation as the route to empowerment. The second developed in the anarchist women's organization, Mujeres Libres understood women's subordination to have broader cultural roots, and, consequently, saw the need for a multifaceted program of education and empowerment as key to women's liberation. The article examines the agricultural collectivization sponsored by the CNT, as well as the activities of Mujeres Libres, comparing the successes and failures of each approach.

Anarchism, Ideology & Same Sex Desire

by Richard Cleminson

It is undoubtedly difficult to pass judgement on the thought of others in the libertarian' camp and more so on the judgement we ourselves uphold. It is often difficult to judge whether these ideas are in tune with basic libertarian ideas. Of course, we think and act to some extent within the constraints of this society and in accordance with our own ideological development. Further, it remains clear that at times the dominant ideology and morality affect us and our ideas and they may twist what we believe so that our conceptions fit their mould. Errors and mistakes are made, some of which will not be known for some years, but those past errors, or at least past actions and thoughts, should be considered and reconsidered as part of an ever-renovating set of ideas and activities which anarchism with its characteristic flexibility and anti-dogmatic stance develops.

Keep Fighting

Three Interviews With Britain's Animal Liberation Front Press Officers

by an unknown author

The Animal Liberation Front is the animals' true guardian angel. By breaking into vivisection labs, fur farms, factory farms and breeders, the ALF document cruelty and neglect, damage the devices of torture, and whisk animals away from suffering and neglect to freedom and better lives. Unfortunately, our corrupt society considers these compassionate and courageous acts illegal, which forces ALF activists to hide behind ski-masks of anonymity. So through the years, many animal fights supporters have stepped forward to speak on behalf of the ALF so their message could be heard, and their reputation defended.

Does God Exist?

12 Proofs of the Nonexistence of God

by Sebatien Faure

There are two ways of studying and trying to solve the problem of the inexistence of God. One way is that of eliminating the hypothesis God from the field of plausible and necessary conjectures by a clear precise explanation through the exposition of a positive system of the universe, its origin, its successive evolutions and its final scope. But such an exposition would make the idea of God useless and would destroy beforehand the whole metaphysical edifice upon which it has been placed by spiritual philosophers and theologians.


An Injustice

by I.R. Ybarra

RENTING, the collection of rents, and the relation of landlords and tenants are, respectively, among the most humiliating, vicious and deplorable interactions that the human race, to its sorrow, has devised. Landlordism provokes unhappiness everywhere, and yet this shameful abuse pervades society unabated. It is worthwhile to examine first, before undertaking the abbreviated economic analysis which I will offer, the purely psychological, moral, and physical degradations which are thrust upon both parties to these execrable transactions. With a view toward demolishing the feeble defenses which the apologists for landlordism usually offer, I intend to show that this practice not only adds to the unwanted, harrowing authoritarianism that pesters our society, but it promotes also ugliness, sloth, and despair.

Media Geek

Number 1

by an unknown author

The name then got transferred to a weekly radio show that I do on my local community station, which covers similar ground to the website, but in a different form and forum. I think it's disempowering to just hear about all the bad things going on in our media environment or to view the media as a big 'them' to which we can only be spectators. So a big part of my radio show is trying to introduce and interview people who are media makers themselves or active in empowering people to create their own media.

This zine is another way that I've wanted to share that message- the message that all of us are mediamakers. The tools are there and we just need to use them. And, most importantly, the world is more fun, enjoyable, livable, and, yes, better place when more people take ahold of the media and use it to their own ends.