A Very Abbreviated List of Resources to Protect the Earth at a Variety of Levels

by Tim Ream

Facing Our Reality
In the continental U.S., 97.3% of native forest has been cut. Prairie, desert, wetland, river, lake and ocean ecosystems have been similarly impacted. Outside the U.S., ecosystems often are as or more destroyed. Because of human impacts, the earth may warm to its hottest temperature in 65 million years in just this century. Half of all species left on the planet may forever cease in just this century.

Western consumption far outpaces the rest of the world. Western lifestyles are unsustainable. You might consider your lifestyle sustainable if everyone on the planet made the choices you make and the ecosystems on the planet today remained as healthy seven generations from today. With this in mind I suggest...

Having no children is heroic. One child is understandable. Two children per couple perpetuate the problem. Don't buy factory farm animal products. Don't buy pesticide food. Don't get in a car alone. Don't have a TV at your residence. Work less. Save your money.

The CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting

The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

by an unknown author

I want to portray the facts as they are known and in an objective manner. Despite all of these documents and data there is a lot that is unknown because evidence was destroyed or classified in FBI and CIA files to rot for 50 years when people wouldn't be interested anymore. I'm asking you not to take my facts and speculations for granted. I want you to draw your own conclusions and to do your own homework. Sometimes a little investigation yields a fairly obvious conclusion. There is a lot of mystery remaining in these cases, mostly due to the government agencies that are classifying the files pertaining to them. I'm attempting to present facts whenever possible and speculate as little as possible. Some of the books that I read tried to turn speculations into fact and then base other facts on those speculations. That sort of logic will quickly get you labeled as a "conspiracy theorist" with all of the worst connotations.

My only bias is that I am not presenting all angles. I am simply showing the known involvement of the CIA and FBI in the assassination of Martin Luther King and their resulting coverup of the investigation and truth. If someone was inclined there could be 800+ pages of writing on each of these cases due to the vast amounts of information pertaining to each of the people involved. I am showing the involvement of government organizations that, by their own definition, should not be assisting in an assassination attempt on a public figure, much less operating domestically to begin with.

On a side note, the phrase "conspiracy theory" is often used to marginalize people who investigate these types of cases and pursue leads presented to them by any means other than the corporate media. It is easy to dismiss this evidence and facts when you don't want to really look at the full picture. Often times speculation is necessary when analyzing cases like John Kennedy and Martin Luther King because so much evidence has been destroyed and files pertaining to the case are classified. Please be open minded.

My only real. hope is that this won't read like a college term paper..

Communique to the Radical Community of (Portland) PDX

by Jane

Communique to the radical community of PDX
If I sound pissed, it's cause I am but with an open heart and listening ear. I am Personally hopeful, my reasoning on reaching out to you. and raves on social problems I feel we don't face enough or ever.

Reclaiming Polyamory.
Wake the fuck up! if you are going to fuck around, so be it, fuck and enjoy it (hell yeah)!,, but do it with maturity, responsibility, and consideration. If you involve yourself with someone who is involved make a conscious effort to reach out to your lovers other lover, ESPECIALLY if that person identifies as a womyn. If you can't face them and honestly express your intentions when that person needs to hear it, than I personally believe that you should not practice polyamory. Sure I know most of you do the whole "casual" game of "we don't need to talk cause it's not a big deal." Well, sorry, being intimate with someone, even just a fuck can involve the smallest amount of emotion and you need to be respectful of all people involved (including yourself). Talk it out just once, face each other, knowing that you are fucking the same person. Welcome to community building, reaching out to the ones closest to you, congratulations on completing what I believe are the responsibilities of being polyamorous. If you fuck around with people who are already involved and don't communicate openly and HONESTLY to all the people involved, the all if what it is, fucking around, don't claim to be polyamorous.

Not Really Better

A Fiction

by Laurie Voeltz

I pretend not to notice the odd absence of noise. My ears tune into the zing of my spinning blade. The sharp metal wheel whirls so fast I barely see the red drying brown. For once, I almost believe the blood isn't there.

Dave with the white hair bursts into Heaven. He runs to Chuck's line, runs to chuck's rescue. I don't follow the scene of events

I don't want to see the mangled cow, stuck in its shreds and fractures. I don't want to realize how one bone can break in so many places.');

Heat Seeker

Terrorific Literature

by an unknown author

The One That Got Away
'Cops!' shouts Jason.

We all panic and bolt into a full sprint. Jason and Ron outpace me by a yard, then two, then five. Shit! I'll be caught! Arrested! Jailed! Wait... Why am I running from the cops?

'Stop!' shouts the cop behind me as I slow, wheezing. He sprints right past me shouting, 'You can go,' over his shoulder. I hadn't done anything. None of us had.

But we would have, and that's the key to punk rock psychology. We had a kind of guilty conscience for opportunity crimes we hadn't yet found the opportunity for. If you shout 'Cops!' at punks they will run. Pure criminal instinct.

Pirate Riot

by an unknown author


Sure, a lot of kids nowadays are obsessed with pirates. Everywhere you look, there's pirate shirts, pirate butt flaps, pirate everything. Everyone wants to be a pirate. I, however, am a REAL pirate... or at least more so than most people. Why? Well, let's look at the facts.

- Pirates live on sailing ships.
I lived in on a sailing ship for seven weeks this spring.
- Pirates sail the seven seas.
I sailed the Pacific Ocean, same thing.
- Pirates dress funny.
So do I.
- Pirates spend their days chasing after booty.

America's Taliban In Its Own Words

by David W. Irish

Who Are These Assholes?
'I am not a politician, nor am I running for public office, and I do not have to respect anyone's idiotic opinions.'
- William S. Burroughs

'[Christian Fundamentalists] do not deserve to be treated like reasonable people because they aren't reasonable people; they're dangerous lunatics.'
- William S. Burroughs

'I have never encountered a righteous Biblebeater who wasn't a thief at heart. When you are doing business with a religious sonofabitch, get it on paper because his word isn't worth shit. Not with the Lord telling him how to fuck you on a deal.'
- William S. Burroughs

NOTE: The list of invasive, authoritarian Christian scum-bags is almost inexhaustible. These are only some of the more prominent.

Race Gender and Class

Structure Of The Global Elite And World Capatalism

by an unknown author

The capitalist globalization process that everyday kills and destroys the lives of millions of people around the globe serves the political, social and economic agenda of a very well structured global elite. This global elite is essentially composed of capitalist white males, power-hungry and with no desire whatsoever to relinquish or divide power. It is paramount to their institutions of power to secure the 'invisibility' of the fact that the elite of the world is composed of one class, one race, and one gender. This elite controls the levels of government and the levels of business.

Eat My Dust

The Story Of John Dillinger

by an unknown author

If Dillinger actually did link up with Floyd to pull the South Bend job, as witnesses claim, it was against his better judgement. For John is on record as having said of the Oklahoma bandit: 'That bird's too fast with the fireworks.' But then that was Dillinger's opinion of practically every major figure of the Public Enemy Era. John was the slowest gun in the Midwest by choice.

The False Principle of Our Education

by Max Stirner

Because our time is struggling toward the word with which it may express its spirit, many names come to the fore and all make claim to being the right name. On all sides our present time reveals the most chaotic partisan tumult and the eagles of the moment gather around the decaying legacy of the past. There is everywhere a great abundance of political, social, ecclesiastical, scientific, artistic, moral and other corpses, and until they are all consumed, the air will not be clean and the breath of living beings will be oppressed.