Against All Odds

by an unknown author

In 1984 the animal liberation movement enjoyed widespread public support and in that year anti-vivisection groups staged mass raids on six animal research laboratories. They searched for and found evidence of horrible cruelty at research premises belonging to Surrey University, I.C.I., Unilever, the Royal College of Surgeons, Bios and Wickham Research Laboratories. On several occasions evidence obtained in these raids was shown on headline television news, and on one occasion formed the basis of a cruelty charge against a laboratory.

A Primer on Gentrification in Portland

by Gray Ayer

What Is Gentrification

Often times the terms gentrification and displacement are used interchangeably. While it may be rare for gentrification to occur without displacement, this paper will establish how these are words refer to two different but related concepts. For most circles, the term gentrification refers to a 'natural' real estate process almost exclusively occurring in deteriorated close-in urban areas that contain significant levels of older buildings. Sometimes this is aided by government assistance such as funding facade improvements, but , government is by no means the prime player in this process.

Essays from the Minister of Defense

by Huey P. Newton

When a mechanic wants to fix a broken down car engine, he must have the necessary tools to do the job. When the people move for liberation they must have the basic tools of liberation: the gun. Only with the power of the gun can the black masses halt the terror and brutality perpetuated against the by the armed racist power structure; and in one sense only by the power of the gun can the whole world be transformed into the earthly paradise dreamed of by the people from time immemorial.

The Disgust of 'Daily Life'

by Kevin Tucker

Preface: Towards Autonomy
Our culture suffers from an extreme personality disorder. It seems that it Is wearing so much armor, that it forgets it's even connected to its' body. The face is so preoccupied with make up that it forgets to look down .

We're built ourselves up so high that we forget that we need our foundations to stay afloat. We just say, 'Here we are, now lets deal with it.' Nowhere else can this be clearer than in our 'race for the cure' approach to life.

The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism

by Fredy Perlman

Nationalism was proclaimed dead several times during the present century:
- after the first world war, when the last empires of Europe, the Austrian and the Turkish, were broken up into self-determined nations, and no deprived nationalists remained, except the Zionists;
- after the Bolshevik coup d'etat, when it was said that the bourgeoisie's struggles for self-determination were henceforth superseded by struggles of workingmen, who had no country;
- after the military defeat of Fascist Italy and National Socialist Germany, when the genocidal corollaries of nationalism had been exhibited for all to see, when it was thought that nationalism as creed and as practice was permanently discredited.

Resistance Ascending

by kristina

in that moment when everything is clear and something is understood we think we'll be changed. we hope that we've been reborn but then come to know better as we fall harder into our old habits, our old perspectives. this moment haunts the artist and eludes the masses. lifetimes dedicated to capturing, freezing the frame.

let this take flight.
i used to think that my thoughts weren't worth the paper on which they'd be printed. I'm still not sure, just a little more desperate. maybe all i learned from college was a deep despair wiped away by this stubborn hope that we can have some hand in our legacy.

This is What Democracy Looks Like

by an unknown author

One would think that a political doctrine and system that was propagated by the bourgeoisie in their rise to power, that is promoted worldwide by the Western ruling class and that has only existed in its so-called 'Pure' form on the backs of slaves, would at least be suspect in the eyes of those who oppose the present social order. But such is not the case. The 'new movement' of opposition to the global order that Is said to have been born on January 1, 1994 with the Zapatista uprising and had its coming out party in Seattle at the demonstration against the WTO has taken as its slogan: 'This is what democracy looks like.' And that without a hint of irony. But this is fitting for a movement which looks to the EZLN- that 'revolutionary' army which Made such radical demands as a more democratic Mexican government and more participation by the indigenous people of Chiapas in the democratic processes of that government- as a founding inspiration.* As it presently exists, this movement is thus a reform movement- a movement demanding that the present social order live up to its claims In other words, it is a loyal opposition.

The Invisibility of Women Prisoners' Activism

Revised Edition

by an unknown author

Within the scant research published about prisoner activism and instances of resistance, women are nearly invisible. Although women in prison comprise under six percent of the nation's prison population, their numbers are increasing more rapidly than those of their male counterparts: between 1990 and 2000, the rate of female incarceration increased 108%. However, the interest in women prisoners' struggles against the prisonindustrial complex remains much lower thin that of male prisoners'.

Weeping Willow

Herbal Remedies And Much More...

by an unknown author

I would suggest looking into these herbs:
- alpine cranberry
- american spikenard
- barberry
- bearberry
- betonoy
- black cohosh
- black elder
- buchu
- dwarf nettle
- german chamomile
- horsemint
- nettle

We Want Our Freedom Anyway!

On Political Prisoners, Human Rights, Genocide, the Crime Bill & Control Units

by Dr. Mutulu Shakur

Paramilitary violence against New Afrikan humanity in the United states of America, has become institutionalized and intransigent and must be decisively confronted. It is a serious violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Focusing progressive worldwide attention upon the existence of Political Prisoners, and Prisoners of War in the United States of America, must encompass intensely uncompromising condemnations of violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, violations perpetrated by the American movement.