Going Underground For Animal Liberation

by an unknown author

Before any of us embark on a course of action for animals, we should all sit down and think what it is we really want to achieve. Liberation is definitely a very different concept from that of 'rights' or of 'welfare'. The idea of animal welfare is a concept that fits tidily into the 'Britain – a nation of animal lovers' myth, where it's perfectly OK to kill animals, for food for example, as long as there are 'humane' slaughtering methods and they have enough room to turn around inside their cages whilst they are alive. Animal rights on the other hand, generally implies that animals should be allowed to live without interference, but suggests by it's very title that we should GIVE these 'rights' to them, probably by Parliament and 'acts' of law! Surely, Liberation must mean something much more far reaching than this; for too long we have lazily used the term 'animal rights' for convenience when we mean something very different.

We probably all have very different visions of what Animal Liberation involves, and how to get it. The common ground is that we all hate animal abuse, and are driven by compassionate reasons to destroy it. However, Animal Liberation cannot just be about the end of fur wearing, of vivisection, of meat-eating, of circus animals, of hunting, etc. etc. (after all surely this is what 'animal rights' is!). Liberation involves every last animal being free or any form of exploitation and interference.

Women And Imprisonment In The U.S.

History And Current Reality

by Nancy Kurshan

They call us bandits, yet every time most Black people pick up our paychecks, we are being robbed. Every time we walk into a store in our neighborhood, we are being held up. And every time we pay our rent, the landlord sticks a gun into our ribs.
Assata Shakur, 1972

These people in this judicial system, their concern is not for justice, as they claim. That is what they come in disguise of, to strip people of everything. When I say strip, I mean rob, murder, exploit, intimidate, harass, persecute, everything to destroy the mind and body. They seek to take a person and make a complete vegetable of them.
Ruchell Cinque Magee, 1974

The Individual, Society and the State

by Emma Goldman

The minds of men are in confusion, for the very foundations of our civilization seem to be tottering. People are losing faith in the existing institutions, and the more intelligent realize that capitalist industrialism is defeating the very purpose it is supposed to serve.

The world is at a loss for a way out. Parliamentarism and democracy are on the decline. Salvation is being sought in Fascism and other forms of 'strong' government.

Anarchist Propaganda

by Errico Malatesta

It must be admitted that we anarchists, in outlining what we would like the future society to be a society without bosses and without gendarmes have, in general, made everything look a bit too easy.

While on the one hand we reproach our adversaries for being unable to think beyond present conditions and of finding communism and anarchy unattainable, because they imagine that man must remain as he is today, with all his meanness, his vices and his fears, even when their causes have been eliminated, on the other hand we skate over the difficulties and the doubts, assuming that the morally positive effects which will result from the abolition of economic privilege and the triumph of liberty have already been achieved.

Animal Liberation

By 'Whatever Means Necessary'

by Robin Webb, ALF Press Officer

'Animal lib loonies' 'terrorists' 'people haters' all these terms and worse have been used by power-hungry, profit-motivated animal abusers and the mass media to describe the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and similarly inclined groups that work outside 'The Law' - whose law? - in pursuit of justice for our brothers and sisters of other species.

The truth is very different. People from all walks of life and social backgrounds, of all ages, of all beliefs and of none. These are the compassionate commandos who make up the ALF and like-minded groups.

Driven by an abhorrence of all abuse and exploitation of the weak and innocent, the activists break unjust laws and risk their freedom in pursuit of a rightful cause - animal liberation - in much the same way that campaigners in past struggles fought for the abolition of slavery and emancipation of women. It used to be a 'crime' to help a slave escape from bondage. It was - indeed, still is! - a 'crime' to torch empty buildings whilst making a valid point through economic sabotage. How many thinking people would now condemn the abolitionists and suffragettes for taking such extra-parliamentary actions?¨

Two Essays On Youth Liberation

The Child And Its Enemies & The Social Importance Of The Modern School

by Emma Goldman

Is the child to be considered as an individuality, or as an object to be molded according to the whims and fancies of those about it? This seems to me to be the most important question to be answered by parents and educators. And whether the child is to grow from within, whether all that craves expression will be permitted to come forth toward the light of day; or whether it is to be kneaded like dough through external forces, depends upon the proper answer to this vital question.

The longing of the best and noblest of our times makes for the strongest individualities. Every sensitive being abhors the idea of being treated as a mere machine or as a mere parrot of conventionality and respectability; the human being craves recognition of his kind.

Notes From The Underground

by Animal Liberation Frontline Information Service


To begin, let me say that while associating with animal rights activists (something I try to avoid), I often hear people speaking thrillingly about articles they've read in the press or seen on the news about animals being liberated, laboratories being trashed, lorries being torched, fast food restaurants being burned to the ground, etc. Along with these conversations it is practically guaranteed that one or more persons will exclaim the greatness and empowerment of the action followed by a 'Gee, how do I hook up with these people?' Also heard is, 'Why don't these lads contact me?' or 'How do I get involved with that group?' There are many others, but all basically asking the same thing: 'How do I get involved?' This is how I found the answer to that question.


Methods Of Organisation For Collectives

by an unknown author

The Difference Between Mass and Class

Why is it important to know the difference between mass and class? The chances are that there can be no conscious revolutionary practice without making this distinction. We are not playing around with words. Look. We are living in a mass society. We didn't get that way by accident. The mass is a specific form of organisation. The reason is clear. Consumption is organised by the corporations. Their products define the mass. The mass is not a cliche - 'the masses' - but a routine which dominates your daily life. Understanding the structure of the mass market is the first step toward understanding what happened to the class struggle.

On The Legitimacy Of Property Destruction

by an unknown author

Damaging the property of corporations is a tactic which is intended to slow down or disrupt normal activity, whether this be a logging operation, an animal breeding or slaughter facility, or a corporate retail outlet store, and can be carried out injuring no one except the bank accounts of the company. These acts have been referred to as acts of 'violence' by both media and activists. This is an association which needs to be questioned. The extent of the violence of such acts are that they are carried out with the intent to create a sense of fear, but in that causing fear in an individual would more easily justify the label of 'violence', instilling fear in a company that if they carry on their unjust, harmful practices, then more and more actions targeting them economically will ensue until they are put out of business can only questionably, at best, deserve the label of violence.

The Heretics Guide To The Bible

The Worst Of The Bible

by The Bible

It is good for a man not to touch a woman.
- I Corinthians 7:1

For there are some eunuchs which were so born from their mother's womb; and there are some eunuchs which were made eunuchs of men; and there be eunuchs which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heavens sake. He that is able to receive it.
-Matthew 19:12 (JC speaking)