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The ALF Primer

A Guide To Direct Action And The Animal Liberation Front, Third Edition

Members of the Animal Liberation Front act directly to stop animal suffering, at the risk of losing their own freedom. Direct action refers to illegal actions performed to bring about animal liberation. These are usually one of two things: rescuing animals from laboratories or other places of abuse, or inflicting economic damage on animal abusers. Due to the illegal nature of ALF activities, activists work anonymously, and there is no formal organization to the ALF. There is no office, no leaders, no newsletter, and no official membership. Anyone who carries out direct action according to ALF guidelines is a member of the ALF.
Animal Liberation Front Guidelines

1. To liberate animals from places of abuse, i.e. fur farms, laboratories, factory farms, etc. and place them in good homes where they may live out their natural lives free from suffering.

2. To inflict economic damage to those who profit from the misery and exploitation of animals.

3. To reveal the horror and atrocities committed against animals behind locked doors by performing nonviolent direct actions and liberations.

4. To take all necessary precautions against hurting any animal, human and non-human.

Frequently Asked Questions

About The Earth Liberation Front (ELF)

What is the Earth Liberation Front (ELF)?

The Earth Liberation Front (ELF) is an international underground organization that uses direct action in the form of economic sabotage to stop the exploitation and destruction of the natural environment.

How and when did the group begin?

It has been speculated that the group was founded in the early 1990s as an offshoot of Earth First in England. The ideology of the ELF spread to North America in the mid 1990s. In November 1997, the ELF officially claimed responsibility for the group's first action in North America. The claim of responsibility was sent to above ground supporters who released the information to the media. In the communiqu? the ELF claimed credit for releasing wild horses and burning down a Bureau of Land Management Horse Corral near Burns, Oregon on November 29, 1997.

On The Legitimacy Of Property Destruction

Damaging the property of corporations is a tactic which is intended to slow down or disrupt normal activity, whether this be a logging operation, an animal breeding or slaughter facility, or a corporate retail outlet store, and can be carried out injuring no one except the bank accounts of the company. These acts have been referred to as acts of 'violence' by both media and activists. This is an association which needs to be questioned. The extent of the violence of such acts are that they are carried out with the intent to create a sense of fear, but in that causing fear in an individual would more easily justify the label of 'violence', instilling fear in a company that if they carry on their unjust, harmful practices, then more and more actions targeting them economically will ensue until they are put out of business can only questionably, at best, deserve the label of violence.


Methods Of Organisation For Collectives

The Difference Between Mass and Class

Why is it important to know the difference between mass and class? The chances are that there can be no conscious revolutionary practice without making this distinction. We are not playing around with words. Look. We are living in a mass society. We didn't get that way by accident. The mass is a specific form of organisation. The reason is clear. Consumption is organised by the corporations. Their products define the mass. The mass is not a cliche - 'the masses' - but a routine which dominates your daily life. Understanding the structure of the mass market is the first step toward understanding what happened to the class struggle.

Going Underground For Animal Liberation

Before any of us embark on a course of action for animals, we should all sit down and think what it is we really want to achieve. Liberation is definitely a very different concept from that of 'rights' or of 'welfare'. The idea of animal welfare is a concept that fits tidily into the 'Britain – a nation of animal lovers' myth, where it's perfectly OK to kill animals, for food for example, as long as there are 'humane' slaughtering methods and they have enough room to turn around inside their cages whilst they are alive. Animal rights on the other hand, generally implies that animals should be allowed to live without interference, but suggests by it's very title that we should GIVE these 'rights' to them, probably by Parliament and 'acts' of law! Surely, Liberation must mean something much more far reaching than this; for too long we have lazily used the term 'animal rights' for convenience when we mean something very different.

We probably all have very different visions of what Animal Liberation involves, and how to get it. The common ground is that we all hate animal abuse, and are driven by compassionate reasons to destroy it. However, Animal Liberation cannot just be about the end of fur wearing, of vivisection, of meat-eating, of circus animals, of hunting, etc. etc. (after all surely this is what 'animal rights' is!). Liberation involves every last animal being free or any form of exploitation and interference.

ExFURminating the Fur Industry

Back in August of 1987, some friends and I were fighting British Columbia's oldest industry, the fur trade. No letters, no banners or signs, our tactics were less conventional. Late at night we would gather our pre-constructed paint-bombs, spray-paint, wrist-rockets and liquid steel and off we would go into downtown Vancouver to express our rage against the fur trade, A.L.F.-style. Unfortunately, our weekend forays followed a routine, and eventually we were arrested in late September.

In October of that same year, an International Commonwealth Conference in Vancouver canceled a proposed fur show intended for the Queen of England due to 'recent threats of animal rights extremism.' Also, that same week, we discovered through our lawyers that two of our targeted fur shops were closing down due to our direct action attacks on their businesses. All in all, despite our arrests, we felt our actions and their subsequent impact on the fur trade were successful.

Two Talks On Neo-Liberalism

Whose World Order? Conflicting Visions / Varieties Of Neoliberal Doctrine

The neoliberal Washington consensus is an array of market oriented principles designed by the government of the United States and the international financial institutions that it largely dominates, and implemented by them in various ways-for the more vulnerable societies, often as stringent structural adjustment programs. The basic rules, in brief, are: liberalize trade and finance, let markets set price ('get prices right'), end inflation ('macroeconomic stability'), privatize. The government should 'get out of the way'-hence the population too, insofar as the government is democratic, though the conclusion remains implicit. The decisions of those who impose the 'consensus' naturally have a major impact on global order. Some analysts take a much stronger position. The international business press has referred to these institutions as the core of a 'de facto world government' of a 'new imperial age.'

A.L.F. Bulletin To All Fur Farm Raiders

By now I'm sure you've all read the Final Nail and know of a bunch of fur farms in your area with animals eager to be liberated. Due to the recent continent-wide barrage against the animal torturers, you should expect security to be tightened. If you the would-be raiders, here are some tips:

1. Guard dogs may be an option but they probably won't be near the cages. Security guards may be hired. Cameras may be placed at some of the larger fur farms. Still undeterred? Read on. Always survey the area before-hand, possibly on a different night than the raid.

A Fighting Chance

Late one night, I sat on a small patch of grass under the stars, listening to the dried leaves rustle in the wind. A few moments had passed when I saw the headlights of a small vehicle turn the corner and head towards me. After loading my gear into the trunk, I climbed into the front seat and exchanged anxious smiles with the driver. She gave my hand a quick squeeze before steering the care (rented in an untraceable manner) back onto the road. We were on our way.

As we drove, the sun came up. Stopping only to eat and refuel the car, we continued driving all day. A few hours after the sun disappeared, we met up with another man, well known to us and trusted wholeheartedly. Together we headed to a dark clearing near a small lake, and sat and discussed our plans.

Where Does the Gas Come From?

Statements From Women In Indonesia, Nigeria And Colombia

My name is Cut Zahara Hamzah. I was born and brought up by both my parents amid the noises of the machinery of the liquid natural gas plant and the thick black smoke of the industry related factories. I grew up in a very polluted environment, polluted air, polluted water, in the so-called petro-city of Lhok Seumawe, North Aceh. My house was separated by a high wall of barbed wire from the luxurious housing complex of the staffs of Exxon Mobil, the complex that is named 'Bukit Indah', or Beautiful Hill in Indonesian. About a mile behind my house was located the infamous Rancung building belonging to PT.Arun, the Indonesian state company, partner of Exxon Mobil.

During the period of 1989-1998, that is commonly known as the DOM period when Aceh was placed under the Military Operation Area, this building was used as a center of torture, rape and execution by the Indonesian military. About 9 miles away from my house is the Exxon Mobil Industrial Complex (Arun Field), where 5 Gas Exploitation Clusters belonging to Exxon Mobil are located. Each of these clusters contain no less than 22 gas wells; and it is around this area that my maternal grandmother and most family members on my mother's side reside.

The War Machine Continues...

...So What Are You Gonna Do?

For anyone who seriously opposes the war against Iraq, the time for begging Is over. The US government has made it dear that it will make the war it has wanted for months. To continue to make 'demands' of those in power is now a blatant absurdity; and it is necessary to consider the actions we can take on our own to obstruct the war effort. But in considering such matters it is necessary to have a clearer understanding of the full meaning of this situation.

Many of those that I have seen out on the streets at the anti-war demonstrations have been proclaiming their patriotism alongside their opposition to the war. The time has come to recognize that patriotism, the love of the fatherland, is the ideology by which every war between nations supports Itself. Patriotism always only serves the rulers. It is the ideological weapon that they use to divide the exploited people of the world, to convince them to fight each other rather than rising up against their rulers. An opposition to this war that is going to know how and where to aim its actions will need to reject patriotism and the concept of the fatherland completely. As long as these continue to exist, there will be war.

Non-Violence And It's Violent Consequences

The ideology of nonviolence has come to play a major role in political struggles in the United States of America and, indeed, in nations around the world. Almost every organization seeking radical change in the USA has been targeted by organizers for the nonviolence movement. Organizations like Earth First!, which originally did not subscribe to the ideology of nonviolence, have since then adopted that ideology or at least its set of rules for protest and civil disobedience. Yet nonviolence activists have put little energy into bringing their creed to establishment, reactionary, or openly violent organizations.


The Art And The Science

This book is intended to raise consciousness of what shoplifting entails and what issues are linked to it. It is also intended to warn against traps for shoplifters. None of the suggestions are fool-proof. Shoplifting is also not completely sustainable.

OK, so capitalism isn't the greatest. It means the rich get more and the poor get less. We have to work our lives away, often doing personally unfulfilling menial labor, to afford a place to live and food to eat. This isn't ok; this sucks. This makes us unhappy. There are ways to loosen the system's grip on us. There are ways to acquire what we need even when we cannot afford it.

Dumpster diving is a superb past-time and a sure fire way to get a lot of what you need (especially food) free of charge. I'm not going to go in depth here because that is not what this book is about. But, stores throw tons of goods away every day. They are all just tucked away in neat green metal boxes behind the stores. Find out when the thrash is picked up, go before then and check it out for yourself. Whatever food and other necessities I can't find in dumpsters, I often shoplift.

Classic City Chaos

Radical Cheers - Athens, GA

Kiss the Back of My Butt

sound off 1,2
sound off 3,4
break it on down 1,2,3,4
my back is breaking, my bra's too tight
my booty's shaking from left to right
shout it out! Revolution!
shout it out! Revolution!
enuff is enuff
the poor must rise up
didn't eat today,
no place to stay
kiss the back of my butt, ugh!
kiss the back of my butt, ugh!

The Nighttime Gardener's Guide

Gardening is a very dirty job. For the least hassle it is recommended to wear a complete set of old clothes that can easily be discarded in dumpsters after gardening. Don't be cheap. It's really necessary, even if like us, you hate wasting anything. Black evening attire is the most appropriate for shy gardeners. You may get very wet and cold, so wear appropriate cold-weather and rain gear. Have some comfortable clean clothes and shoes to change into before you get home.

A forensic scientist can tell roughly where you've been from the composition of the dirt and soil that you will have picked up on your travels. Say, for instance, you've been gardening at a Monsanto test site of GE corn, then traces of earth will be upon you, as will traces of plant life, such as pollen that you may have brushed against.

Creating A Security Culture

What It Is, Why We Need It & How To Implement It

As our direct action movement for animal liberation grows and our movement becomes more effective, government harassment will only increase. To minimize the destructiveness of this government harassment, it is imperative that we create a 'security culture' within our movement.

So what is a security culture? It's a culture where the people know their rights and, more importantly, assert them. Those who belong to a security culture also know what behavior compromises security and they are quick to educate and reprimand those people who, out of ignorance, forgetfulness, or personal weakness, partake in insecure behavior. This security consciousness becomes a 'culture' when the group as a whole makes security violations socially and morally unacceptable within the group.

We All Live in Bhopal

Ozone, Rainforests, Polluted Seas, Radiation - Moneymaking. (Also Include 'Civilization Is Like A Jetliner)

The cinders of the funeral pyres at Bhopal are still warm, and the mass graves still fresh, but the media prostitutes of the corporations have already begun their homilies in defense of industrialism and its uncounted horrors. Some 3,000 people were slaughtered in the wake of the deadly gas cloud, and 20,000 will remain permanently disabled. The poison gas left a 25 square mile swathe of dead and dying, people and animals, as it drifted southeast away from the Union Carbide factory. 'We thought it was a plague,' said one victim. Indeed it was; a chemical plague, an industrial plague, Ashes, ashes, all fall down!

A terrible, unfortunate, 'accident,' we are reassured by the propaganda apparatus for Progress, for History, for 'Our Modern Way of Life.' A price, of course, has to be paid - since the risks are necessary to ensure a higher Standard of Living, a Better Wy of Life.

Around the Camp Fire

The Connection Of Subversive Living And Honest Fighting

Anarchy, Life alive every moment, Life refusing to be undead, Freedom in its most intense and honest from, The enveloping state of possibility, A life enabling world of autonomy and free association, A world of desire found and embraced in the depth of ones heart, A world of revolutionary subjectivity, Where there is no truth only the self-realization to come to ones own conclusions, The lively dance one will find as we break the glaciation of survival and enter a life where we refuse to submit to any truth or any way but the conclusions we find ourselves, It is a complete connection with not represented life but presented life, To clarify that statement, It is without domestication, It is free from a life of watching a spectacle of coercive economy and fear, It has no need for displacing ones wildness into weak behavior and domesticated actions, It is without systems of submission and acceptance

Saint Che

The Truth Behind The Legend Of The Heroic Guerrilla

A peasant woman lights a candle to the saint and prays that her young son will get well and the potato crop will be a big one this year. Her prayers, and the prayers of other peasants, have been answered before, claim the villagers. 'He looked just like Our Lord lying there dead in the schoolhouse', she tells the television interviewer. The name of this miracleworking saint? Ernesto Che Guevara!

Let's not laugh at these peasants. Don't look down upon them with 'developed world' arrogance. No doubt Che 'does' intervene n their poverty-stricken lives - as do all the other saints. And who are we to claim absolute knowledge of the world and human mind and all its workings?

The Anarchist Subculture

A critique

It is easy to claim that there is no anarchist movement in North America.

This claim frees one from having to examine the nature of that movement and what one's role is in it. But a network of publications, bookstores, anarchist households, squats and correspondence connecting those with anti-statist perspectives most certainly does exist. It has crystallized into a subculture with its mores, rituals and symbols of 'rebellion'. But can a subculture create free individuals capable of making the lives they desire? The anarchist subculture certainly hasn't. I hope to explore why in this article.

Insurrectionary Anarchy

Organising for Attack!

Insurrectionary anarchism is one such form, although it is important to stress that insurrectionary anarchists don't form one unified block, but are extremely varied in their perspectives. Insurrectionary anarchism is not an ideological solution to social problems, nor a commodity on the capitalist market of ideologies and opinions. Rather it is an on-going practice aimed at putting an end to the domination of the state and the continuance of capitalism, which requires analysis and discussion to advance. Historically, most anarchists, except those who believed that society would evolve to the point that it would leave the state behind, have believed that some sort of insurrectionary activity would be necessary to radically transform society. Most simply, this means that the state has to be knocked out of existence by the exploited and excluded, thus anarchists must attack: waiting for the state to disappear is defeat.

Security Culture

A Handbook For Activists

Agitators; liberationists; abolitionists; union organizers; revolutionaries... From large uprisings challenging the entire political structure, to isolated environmental and social struggles, people have always worked to create a better world. For government the response has usually been to jail activists and revolutionaries through use of the courts and police forces.

As direct action movements become more effective, government surveillance and harassment will increase. To minimize the destructiveness of this political repression, it is imperative that we create a security culture within our movements.

Until All Are Free

The Trial Statement of Ray Luc Levasseur

On Sunday 4th November 1984, a crack police task force surrounded a van in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. The 50 officers, armed with submachine guns and shotguns, arrested the van's 5 occupants: for years, they had been among the most wanted people in the USA. Their photographs and descriptions had been circulated all across the country. The warrants for their arrest listed a number of bombings that they had carried out against military, judicial and economic institutions. Together with 2 other defendants, they became known as the Ohio 7.

But their real 'crime?' was much greater than any number of bombings: together they had seen through the lies and illusions of 'the American way of life' a way of life that is worldwide. They had come to realize through their own experiences that this way of life has nothing to do with 'democracy' 'freedom' and 'justice'. That it is a way of life based on brutality, exploitation and repression. And, most importantly of all, they had come to believe that this way of life could and should be changed. It was for this belief that they were seized back in 1984.

Trial Statement of New Afrikan Revolutionary Kuwasi Balagoon

At the opening of the Brinks Trial

But now Kuwasi's gone, and the beat goes on, and we who knew and loved him can only eulogize him and constantly scan the horizon wondering how long, how long will it be, before another giant such as he comes along again.
- Sundiata Acoli 12-16-86

Dedicated to Kuwasi Balagoon
They say (BLA) (Black Liberation Army) Harsh words, Evil Looks and dirty stares don't kill pigs, but bullets, knives, and bombs do!
- Ojare N. Lutalo

500 Years of Indigenous Resistance

This article is intended as a basic history of the colonization of the Americas since 1492, and the Indigenous resistance to this colonization continuing into 1992. The author admits to not having a full understanding of the traditions of his own people, the Kwakiutl (Kwakwaka'wakw); as such the article lacks an analysis based in an authentic Indigenous philosophy and is instead more of a historical chronology.

20 Ways To Sabotage Your School

1. put a rotton apple or stale sandwich in the teachers desk.

2. steal the attendance book. add in and rub out ticks, and replace or just burn it. same goes for unguarded conduct sheets or reports. don't miss your chance.

3. fill a syringe (minus needle) with mixed epoxy & alcohol. you now have 30 minutes to fill locks, etc., before the glue hardens. you can also use cement, super glue or even bits of wood, nails, etc.

4. another use of the syringe is to pretend to shoot up when the teacher is watching. explain that that you have to do it because school is so horrible

5. phone the school at random times. try flood, fire or bomb warnings. disguise your voice and hold a handkerchief over your mouth.

Women Prisoners' Resource Guide

Compiled For Wild Flowers & APLAN March 2003

Clearly the United States Prison Systems are at the greatest level of oppression and abuse against women. Women prisoners are the fastest growing population in jail/prison. in 1970, 5,600 women were incarcerated in federal and state prison. At year end 2000, 91,612 women were in state and federal prison, making up 6.6% of the total prison population.

100 Ways To Disappear & Live Free

To 'live free' means to be able to control your own life and to avoid violence, or the threat of violence, by others. What you do and how you do it will almost always determine whether or not freedom will be yours. But YOU must take the responsibility for creating your own freedom. No one, especially the 'government' will do it for you.

To 'disappear' means to make it impossible for other people to invade your personal world of freedom. Since most of such invasion is by means of electronic data gathering and cross-referencing, you must be able to short-circuit these procedures effectively.

Whats Wrong With Cars

Cars are often seen as liberating, the symbol of freedom and prosperity. They are a social custom that designates coming of age. They are also one of the greatest threats to the well being of the earth, social equality, and human health.

Motor vehicles are the single biggest source of atmospheric pollution, contributing an estimated 14% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel burning, a proportion that is steadily rising. Add the emissions from exploration, transportation, refining and distribution of fuel, and this figure is 15 to 20 percent of world emissions.

The average American car releases 300 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from a full, 15-gallon tank of gasoline.

Weeping Willow

Herbal Remedies And Much More...

I would suggest looking into these herbs:
- alpine cranberry
- american spikenard
- barberry
- bearberry
- betonoy
- black cohosh
- black elder
- buchu
- dwarf nettle
- german chamomile
- horsemint
- nettle

The Invisibility of Women Prisoners' Activism

Revised Edition

Within the scant research published about prisoner activism and instances of resistance, women are nearly invisible. Although women in prison comprise under six percent of the nation's prison population, their numbers are increasing more rapidly than those of their male counterparts: between 1990 and 2000, the rate of female incarceration increased 108%. However, the interest in women prisoners' struggles against the prisonindustrial complex remains much lower thin that of male prisoners'.

This is What Democracy Looks Like

One would think that a political doctrine and system that was propagated by the bourgeoisie in their rise to power, that is promoted worldwide by the Western ruling class and that has only existed in its so-called 'Pure' form on the backs of slaves, would at least be suspect in the eyes of those who oppose the present social order. But such is not the case. The 'new movement' of opposition to the global order that Is said to have been born on January 1, 1994 with the Zapatista uprising and had its coming out party in Seattle at the demonstration against the WTO has taken as its slogan: 'This is what democracy looks like.' And that without a hint of irony. But this is fitting for a movement which looks to the EZLN- that 'revolutionary' army which Made such radical demands as a more democratic Mexican government and more participation by the indigenous people of Chiapas in the democratic processes of that government- as a founding inspiration.* As it presently exists, this movement is thus a reform movement- a movement demanding that the present social order live up to its claims In other words, it is a loyal opposition.

Against All Odds

In 1984 the animal liberation movement enjoyed widespread public support and in that year anti-vivisection groups staged mass raids on six animal research laboratories. They searched for and found evidence of horrible cruelty at research premises belonging to Surrey University, I.C.I., Unilever, the Royal College of Surgeons, Bios and Wickham Research Laboratories. On several occasions evidence obtained in these raids was shown on headline television news, and on one occasion formed the basis of a cruelty charge against a laboratory.

Media Geek

Number 1

The name then got transferred to a weekly radio show that I do on my local community station, which covers similar ground to the website, but in a different form and forum. I think it's disempowering to just hear about all the bad things going on in our media environment or to view the media as a big 'them' to which we can only be spectators. So a big part of my radio show is trying to introduce and interview people who are media makers themselves or active in empowering people to create their own media.

This zine is another way that I've wanted to share that message- the message that all of us are mediamakers. The tools are there and we just need to use them. And, most importantly, the world is more fun, enjoyable, livable, and, yes, better place when more people take ahold of the media and use it to their own ends.

Keep Fighting

Three Interviews With Britain's Animal Liberation Front Press Officers

The Animal Liberation Front is the animals' true guardian angel. By breaking into vivisection labs, fur farms, factory farms and breeders, the ALF document cruelty and neglect, damage the devices of torture, and whisk animals away from suffering and neglect to freedom and better lives. Unfortunately, our corrupt society considers these compassionate and courageous acts illegal, which forces ALF activists to hide behind ski-masks of anonymity. So through the years, many animal fights supporters have stepped forward to speak on behalf of the ALF so their message could be heard, and their reputation defended.

Fighting Back

Self Defense for Women and Girls

Body Language
Staring at the ground, hunched shoulders, hiding your hands in your pockets, making yourself small, carries the message 'I'm weak and vulnerable!' Women get targeted as easy prey. So having strong body language decreases our risk of being fucked around. Make eye contact with people in a way that lets them know you've seen them. Swing your arms when walking, take up space. Strong body language not only affects how others see us, it increases our own confidence.

Stomp to Knee
Bring the knee up and then drive the foot out, hitting the knee with your heel. This can be done from the side or from in front or even from behind.

Stomp to Foot
Scrape your heel down from the knee onto the top of the foot with a strong stomp either from behind/ in front/ the side.

Guerilla War Lit. 101

An Anthology of Insurrectionary Fiction!

The Mali Mau Insurgency of the 1950's paved way for Kenyan Independence in 1963 and hastened the independence of other British Colonies.


Thirty were in the band which hit the Loman farm before day break. They slew all in the household and looted it of food, guns and ammunition and vanished into the bush again, and nobody shouted 'There they go!' because it was a sweet time for them to strike, when the morning ebb had drained the vigilance from the beleaguered settlers. But the looters found only three rifles.

Now three rifles were not enough to arm the gun-less ones, so Nebu, who had joined General Koko's camp just four forays before, went without a rifle. And, puzzled at his constant ill luck, he now ran in the wake of his fellows as they entered the forest behind the farmhouse. Once among the trees, the troop took up the swinging trot which would put some twenty miles behind them by the time the raid was discovered by the morning patrol from Nairobi.

New Afrikan Criminology Journal

(Introductory Issue)

New Afrikan Criminology 101
The present system and teachings of criminology are both fundamentally and theoretically eurocentric. And this can and has led to a misinterpretation of crime and criminal behavior in the New Afrikan (Black) Community. Though we acknowledge that there exist some similarities in the basic theoretical functions in criminal behavior, but the social factors which are conducive towards the manifestation of criminal behavior posses some inherent elements which are exclusive, and often times the trigger mechanism which gave birth to that behavior is revealed in identifying that which is exclusive opposed to the obvious similarities.

Mother Rebel

A Radical Response to Parenting Issue # 4

The question: What is a rebel? Mother/father whatever ... I concluded a few things. The first, your father concluded his essay with 'Be strong in love, think'. These are wise words indeed. Love being the first ingredient, it is by far the most important piece of a family. It goes beyond image, fad and convention. If love is not involved in an action don't do it!

Secondly, think! Love as a purely emotive action can be unbalanced. The chance for so many other things to become enwrapped in the concept of love is dangerous. Fear, anger, desperation, violence and smothering are all things that can be tied into the concept of love or loving. Thinking or rational helps to straighten the action, or aim truly maybe more appropriate. Rational allows us to see things wholly the whole picture and act according with love being the anchor if you will.

An Incomplete Guide to Rideable Freight Cars

Piggybacks or TOFC's (Trailer on Flat Car) are one very common intermodal car. Semitrailers are lifted onto flat cars or more function specific 'spine cars' and fastened down at one end. Because they are so easy to load and unload, pigs make up the highest priority trains on the railroad. In most cases piggybacks are rideable, but there are certain things to look out for.

Always look for flatcars instead of spine cars, as there is more room to ride. Also, try to get cars that are coupled together rather than 'articulated cars'. This term is used to describe railcars that share a common axle set. You can tell that your car is articulated if there is no coupler and there are only 2 axles between the cars instead of 4. The reason you want to avoid these (although if you can catch them ... by all means do), is that they tend to have fewer ladders to assist you.

If you're going to ride Piggybacks, bring warm clothing. You'll be right out in the wind for the whole ride and there's not a whole lot of cover from rail-cops either. Stay crouched under those trailer axles when you're rolling thru the yard.


A War for Territory

Defining War
Just slightly over 500 years ago, in 1492, three European ships under the command of Christopher Columbus arrived on the shores of what has come to be known as the Americas. With this began an invasion, occupation, and colonization that would forever change the world of Indigenous peoples.

1492 marked the beginning of a genocidal war aimed at destroying Indigenous nations, occupying our ancestral territories, and plundering the natural wealth of the earth. How many tens of millions of Indigenous people were killed in this war will never be known, although the methods of massacres, biological warfare, executions; torture; and the enslavement of entire nations, has been well documented by historians.

Eat My Dust

The Story Of John Dillinger

If Dillinger actually did link up with Floyd to pull the South Bend job, as witnesses claim, it was against his better judgement. For John is on record as having said of the Oklahoma bandit: 'That bird's too fast with the fireworks.' But then that was Dillinger's opinion of practically every major figure of the Public Enemy Era. John was the slowest gun in the Midwest by choice.

Race Gender and Class

Structure Of The Global Elite And World Capatalism

The capitalist globalization process that everyday kills and destroys the lives of millions of people around the globe serves the political, social and economic agenda of a very well structured global elite. This global elite is essentially composed of capitalist white males, power-hungry and with no desire whatsoever to relinquish or divide power. It is paramount to their institutions of power to secure the 'invisibility' of the fact that the elite of the world is composed of one class, one race, and one gender. This elite controls the levels of government and the levels of business.

Pirate Riot


Sure, a lot of kids nowadays are obsessed with pirates. Everywhere you look, there's pirate shirts, pirate butt flaps, pirate everything. Everyone wants to be a pirate. I, however, am a REAL pirate... or at least more so than most people. Why? Well, let's look at the facts.

- Pirates live on sailing ships.
I lived in on a sailing ship for seven weeks this spring.
- Pirates sail the seven seas.
I sailed the Pacific Ocean, same thing.
- Pirates dress funny.
So do I.
- Pirates spend their days chasing after booty.

Heat Seeker

Terrorific Literature

The One That Got Away
'Cops!' shouts Jason.

We all panic and bolt into a full sprint. Jason and Ron outpace me by a yard, then two, then five. Shit! I'll be caught! Arrested! Jailed! Wait... Why am I running from the cops?

'Stop!' shouts the cop behind me as I slow, wheezing. He sprints right past me shouting, 'You can go,' over his shoulder. I hadn't done anything. None of us had.

But we would have, and that's the key to punk rock psychology. We had a kind of guilty conscience for opportunity crimes we hadn't yet found the opportunity for. If you shout 'Cops!' at punks they will run. Pure criminal instinct.

The CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting

The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

I want to portray the facts as they are known and in an objective manner. Despite all of these documents and data there is a lot that is unknown because evidence was destroyed or classified in FBI and CIA files to rot for 50 years when people wouldn't be interested anymore. I'm asking you not to take my facts and speculations for granted. I want you to draw your own conclusions and to do your own homework. Sometimes a little investigation yields a fairly obvious conclusion. There is a lot of mystery remaining in these cases, mostly due to the government agencies that are classifying the files pertaining to them. I'm attempting to present facts whenever possible and speculate as little as possible. Some of the books that I read tried to turn speculations into fact and then base other facts on those speculations. That sort of logic will quickly get you labeled as a "conspiracy theorist" with all of the worst connotations.

My only bias is that I am not presenting all angles. I am simply showing the known involvement of the CIA and FBI in the assassination of Martin Luther King and their resulting coverup of the investigation and truth. If someone was inclined there could be 800+ pages of writing on each of these cases due to the vast amounts of information pertaining to each of the people involved. I am showing the involvement of government organizations that, by their own definition, should not be assisting in an assassination attempt on a public figure, much less operating domestically to begin with.

On a side note, the phrase "conspiracy theory" is often used to marginalize people who investigate these types of cases and pursue leads presented to them by any means other than the corporate media. It is easy to dismiss this evidence and facts when you don't want to really look at the full picture. Often times speculation is necessary when analyzing cases like John Kennedy and Martin Luther King because so much evidence has been destroyed and files pertaining to the case are classified. Please be open minded.

My only real. hope is that this won't read like a college term paper..

On Revolution

Have you ever fought for something you believed in? Have you ever taken part in a march, joined an organization, petitioned to or otherwise utilized the options available to those of us who would like to change the world we live in? If you have, you know how disappointing the work can be. The problems we face in our society are overwhelming, much larger and more complex than one person can hope to untangle. Some of us work our whole lives in various "movements" without bringing about any significant change. It's like spitting in the ocean. After a while you bum out. Slowly the fire inside you dies, until there are only embers, and then you know it's time to buy that Subaru outback and park it in front of your house in southeast Portland. Why does this happen? Why do we become disillusioned? Why do we give up?

Rape Awareness List For Men / How A Rape‑Free World Could Benefit Men

Women could trust men freely and be less ambivalent about their attitudes towards them.

Women and men could communicate more honestly about what they want or don't want during any stage of a sexual encounter without fearing manipulation or retaliation.

Mothers would not have to tell their daughters to never be alone with a man, a statement that causes anxiety in "alone" situations even when it is consensual.


Anarchists believe that human beings are dynamic, complex creatures, and that the state is an unnatural and patronizing institution that attempts to replace authentic experience with efficiency, autonomy with homogeny. The ideal state is made up of simple machines, instead of individuals and communities. The state provides mass culture and employment, and the people become interchangeable cogs. The state takes a foaming mass of colors and attempts to force it into a small, square hole. Soon the simple act of existence becomes meaningless, and feelings of alienation and depression become almost universal. The only way to derive satisfaction from a system such as this is through total nihilism, which leads to a whole spectrum of other social problems, which you need only to look out your window to witness.

Anarchists under the current system are the ultimate romantics, because obviously the state is alive and well, and claiming to be an "Anarchist" in a fascist system is like being a religious fanatic who, due to severe repression, is completely unable to practice their religion. From this we see that without freedom to self-govern, claiming to be an Anarchist means, well, absolutely nothing. For this reason identifying as an Anarchist in our current political state is the ultimate hypocrisy. Anarchists must constantly prove to one another and themselves that they are fighting for something attainable, that they are not just "eating the meat and ignoring the factory farm, because the factory farm might burn down someday..."