We Want Our Freedom Anyway!

On Political Prisoners, Human Rights, Genocide, the Crime Bill & Control Units

by Dr. Mutulu Shakur

Paramilitary violence against New Afrikan humanity in the United states of America, has become institutionalized and intransigent and must be decisively confronted. It is a serious violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Focusing progressive worldwide attention upon the existence of Political Prisoners, and Prisoners of War in the United States of America, must encompass intensely uncompromising condemnations of violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, violations perpetrated by the American movement.

Political Prisoner Pamphlet Series

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Human Rights, Fundamental Freedoms and
International Law Toward a New Perspective
Dr. Mutulu Shakur

Paramilitary violence against New Afrikan humanity in the United states of America, has become institutionalized and intransigent and must be decisively confronted. It is a serious violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Focusing progressive worldwide attention upon the existence of Political Prisoners, and Prisoners of War in the United States of America, must encompass intensely uncompromising condemnations of violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, violations perpetrated by the American movement.

What must be clearly exposed to the world is that, the existence of Political Prisoners, and Prisoners of War in the United States of America, evolved from intellectually evolved responses to the phenomenon of the intransigence of violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, perpetrated by the domestic and foreign policies of the government of the United States.

Propaganda... by the enemy America government, can be successfully countered by our consistently stating to the world, that those who struggle against a government s violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms within the context of uncompromisingly endeavoring to destroy such violations to bring an end to such violations, must also be perceived as Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War when the violative governmental entity prosecutes and imprisons them pursuant to an objective to perpetuate such violations violations functioning most essentially, in pursuant to a pathologically perceived doctrine of White Racial Manifest Destiny. And in such articulation to the philosophically progressive elements of universal humanity, we must extend the definitional purview of the phenomenon of violations of human fights and fundamental freedoms to encompass the destructive realities that institutionalized racism imposed upon people of African descent New Africans) within a context of impunity.

We must articulate to the world that the cause of criminal behavior is the phenomenon of criminalization which is itself, a phenomenon created by politically legislated decisions whose productive mechanisms are exclusively functionally monopolized by whites as a criminal politics of the acquisition of affluence.

We must, in the process of our exposing to the world the exact architecture of the phenomenon of violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms in these United States of America, not only extend the definitional purview of such phenomenon (violations of human-rights and fundamental freedoms) but intellectually simplify it and in consequence, make it comprehensible for the oppressed peoples.

The simplification of our struggle to secure human rights and fundamental freedoms must evolve from a creation of a system of strategic focus which is to say, we must strategically focus upon and in consequence, strategically exploit common denominator realities and experiences, that are clearly violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms.


A difficult task which intransigently confronts us, in our struggle to secure the exercise of human rights and fundamental freedoms, is that we must succeed in extending the definitional purview of the phenomenon of violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The phenomenon of violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, must encompass the totality of the appalling plight of we people of African decent (New Africans) here in these United States of America a government which manifestly exercises a illegal jurisdiction over our racial existence.

In the process of extending the definitional purview of the phenomenon of violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, we must progressively alter the function of the organization of the United Nations, which is to say, that this organization must uncompromisingly adhere to the human rights provisions if international jurisprudence, and to the human rights provisions of its charter.

Since its inception, the organization of the United Nations, has functioned exclusively to establish a European racial dominance of the nonwhite people of the entire world, and of the raw material resources of the entire world.

Perhaps, a solution to this appalling dehumanizing problem is to seriously research for the possibility of effectuating an organization of a Third World United Nations.

Within the context of our struggle to secure human rights and fundamental freedoms, we must find the moral courage to acquire the position that one race of people can no longer be allowed to exercise a definitional monopoly concerning what are violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The appalling dehumanizing phenomenon of institutionalized white racism must be decisively confronted within the context of our struggle to secure human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Our position, within the context of our struggle for human rights and fundamental freedoms to secure those sublime human functions is that human rights and fundamental freedoms belong to the totality of universal humanity.

It is absolutely essential that we become strategically cognizant of the fact that the reality of the struggle to secure the exercise of human rights and fundamental freedoms transcends philosophical differences.

Thus, the dire need to exercise human rights and fundamental freedoms is a common experience that represents the existence of a common philosophical denominator upon which we must become uncompromisingly, racially and philosophically cohesive as a prerequisite to sustaining our existence as a distinct racial entity and our struggle to secure human rights and fundamental freedoms.

There will be no concrete achievements within the con text of our struggle to secure human rights and fundamental freedoms, for as long as we negate the strategic necessity for New African unity (Black unity), and the fact that our oppression is predicated upon what we are racially and not philosophically.

(Concerning strategic collaboration) It is clear from the practice of our various formations within the National Liberation Front, that there has always existed the exercise of respect for the integrity and significance of other oppressed nation s inside the United States and for their right to enjoy also international political support. But in reality their specific national oppression is unique in character as they have well defined which has secured for them strategic achievements on an International level which our struggle for emancipation has yet to acquire considering the extremely extensive list of human rights violations systematically perpetuated against our people.

An objective analysis of our movement s international capability requires that we approach the formations within the national liberation movement to intensify the need for the development of a truly viable foreign affairs strategy.

A. The African Peoples Revolutionary Party
under the leadership of Kwame Toure, has secured by the nature and practice of their politics of Pan Afrikanism a number of governmental and internationally mass based organizations which evolved over the last twenty years. Used properly, these organizational realities would bring needed international operational experience into the struggle for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

B. Roger Wareham
of the December 12th Movement s International Cadre, has acquired extensive experience in the Human Rights Commission in Geneva. In his role as vice chairman of the international commission against torture, his experience is a vital component that cannot be understated.

C. The New Afrikan People s Organization
has developed a matured association with many of the recognized international national liberation movements in Southern Africa some of which have evolved to a status of national liberation. These nations, and national liberation formations have acquired significant status as regards African International Politics. Much of these contacts, utilized within the context of a strategic sense of timing will contribute significantly to the realization of our paramount strategic objectives.

D. The Patrice Lumumba Coalition
also has the attention of various presidents and officials of newly established and long established African independent states. Their status as a Pan African Movement is beyond question and in consequence requires of them to significantly participate in this endeavor.

E. Past and present members of the National Conference of Black Lawyers
for example, Lenox Hinds and others, because of the work that our movement has rendered towards various liberation movements, which has evolved cases within U.S. borders and received as a consequence support politically and legally through the direction of the National Conference of Black Lawyers, must be subjected to requests to significantly participate in the development of systematic tactical philosophy for the end of realizing strategic objectives within the context of our struggle against violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms

F. Dhoruba Bin Wahad
one of the longest held Political Prisoners in America free at this time, clearly manifest by his works subsequent to his release and the international attention, represents the legitimacy of the existence of Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War in the United states of America. This comrade, properly projected and supported, will maximize his potential and such overall endeavor will benefit all immensely.

G. Herman Ferguson
enjoys the respect as a leader with a long history and is an elder in our movement. The importance of elders with impeccable credentials within African, Arab and Latin American politics, cannot be understated. His specific skill rendered to the Guyaneese Government and knowledge acquired from that experience will bring sound practical experience to Our negotiations and diplomacy.

H. Ben Chavis
Once a Political Prisoner, leading advocate of National Liberation Theology within the established Church structure, can bring to the struggle for human fights and fundamental freedoms, the significant resources of the Church, in light of his churches role in African politics.
In conclusion there are other organizational realities and individuals such as Nation of Islam, H.A.R.A.A.M., and The Black Panther Party News Media Service, that we believe will support the objectives with their national and international resources once our organizational formation becomes a viable reality. We do not make these suggestions lightly, because we are all too cognizant of some of the outstanding issues between the suggested organizational formations. The question at this critical period is timing, in view of this particular period in world history.

What is the international philosophical common denominator that we can use as a premise, upon which to realize our objectives and in consequence, further evolve our potentials?

The mass based organizations, in conjunction with other elements of Our resistance to oppression, must clear a way for the proper view of our oppression and resistance, so that the next wave of participants in our conflict will understand distinctly, what their obligations are, and that rules of engagement are clear.

We must serve notice of what we expect from the international front for the continuing support we render to just causes.

Our time has come

Genocide Waged Against the Black Nation
Dr. Mutulu Shakur, Anthony X Bradshaw, Malik Dinguswa,
Terry D. Long, Mark Cook, Adolfo Matos, James Haskins

This is a presentation about genocide waged against the Black Nation using behavior modification in the United States penal system. It was initially drafted December, 1988, and distributed to several political prisoners in State and federal prisons to encourage support and participation for an in depth development of this work for the Research Committee on International Law and Black Freedom Fighters in the United States for input to the human rights campaign. This paper was developed by a team of Black prison who experienced behavior modification inside prison and who desire to expose the immediate, prolonged, and historical effects of this government s efforts to control the Black Nation. We don not suggest the techniques used are exclusively implemented on the Black Nation solely, but there is no denying that the Black Nation is the government s para mount target.

Before going on we want to extend our thanks to our supporters and those who contributed to this work. This paper was developed to bring about broader unity on this topic to collectively expose human rights violations to the world through the human rights conference of non-govemmental 10 organizations in Zurich Switzerland.

We specifically charge that the government of the United States is practicing genocide through behavior modification and counterinsurgency and low intensity warfare techniques in its penal system, i.e., the state and federal prisons.

We submit that behavior modification as practiced in United States prisons incorporates techniques from both counterinsurgency low intensity warfare, and the science of psychology in the interest of political and military objectives. The implementation of this strategy in the United States penal system is the result of research conducted by government scientists and counterinsurgency agents who studied the theories and works of past experts in the distinct fields of behavior therapy (synonymous with behavior modification), insurgency, and low intensity warfare.

Every aspect of this behavior modification program violates the human rights of those persons subjected to it, and it is this treatment that is vehemently complained about by political prisoners and POWs. This program involves a scientific approach in targeting special prisoners with the aim of achieving political objectives. Each targeted prisoner is observed to determine his or her leadership potential, religious beliefs, aspirations, and most importantly, to record his or her reaction to the experiments being implemented. The sole purpose of the program is for government agents to learn lessons from experimenting with political prisoners, how they suffered and reacted then use those findings to formulate a broad plan to be implemented against the people in society at large who are the ultimate targets.

The oppressive conditions and the experiments conducted in the United States penal system, as implemented by this government through prison officials, are the evidence of a psychological war being waged against political prisoners who come from a people who are involved in a struggle of resistance in all forms. When the behavior modification program conducted by the government is viewed in the light of the mandates contained in the Geneva Accord one can only conclude that the United States Government s actions are criminal and specifically violate the international laws concerning the rights of human beings. Accordingly, the United States Government s acts should be regarded as war crimes.

Specifically, the U.S. Government is in violation of Article I of the Geneva Convention on the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide which was approved by the United Nation General Assembly on December 9, 1948, and the U.S. Government is in violation of resolution 260. 111, which entered into force on January 12, 1951. In this resolution the contracting parties confirmed that genocide, whether committed in time of peace or in time of war, is a crime under international law which they undertake to prevent and punish. According to Article 11 genocide is defined as any of the following acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethical, racial, or religious group such as
A. Killing members of the group
B. Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group
C. Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its destruction in whole or in part
D. Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group E. Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group
(cited from The Law of Nations, by Herbert W. Briggs)

Subsequent to having reviewed the above list of acts that constitute the crime of genocide, as set forth by the Geneva Convention, we submit that the behavior modification program being carried out in the United States penal system is a scientific form of genocide waged against the Black Nation, and it is a continuance of the nefarious tactics employed by the government over the years to keep the Black Nation subjugated. On learning of the use of behavior modification techniques in furtherance of counterinsurgency and low intensity warfare objectives, especially in light of the government s intended broad application, all caring people in any society should be shocked. Behavior modification is a highly complex science composed of information from various sciences such as psychology, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, and even some aspects of biology. By definition behavior modification broadly refers to the systematic manipulation of one s environment for the purpose of creating a change in the individual s behavior.

We submit that Black people were in fact the first experimental targets of group behavior modification. Furthermore, current data and statistics on the prison situation support our contention that Black people inside the state and federal prisons today remain the prime targets of the government s program. Moreover, we discovered during our research that the psychological warfare being waged in the U.S. penal system was planned as far back as the early sixties because the government foresaw that Black people would revolt against being oppressed, even in prison. Black people s conduct, like that of many people throughout history, validates the axiom that oppression breeds resistance.

Significantly, in 1961 a social scientist named Dr. Edward Schein presented his ideas on brainwashing at a meeting held in Washington. D.C. that was convened by James V. Bennett, then director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons Systems and was attended by numerous social scientists and prison wardens . Dr. Schein suggested to the wardens that brainwashing techniques were natural for use in their institutions. In his address on the topic Man Against Man he explained that in order to produce marked changes of behavior and/or attitude it is necessary to weaken, undermine or remove the supports of old patterns of behavior and old attitudes. Because most of these supports are the face-to-face confirmation of present behavior and attitudes, which are provided by those with whom close emotional ties exist. This can be done by either &&removing the individual physically and preventing any communication with those whom he cares about, or by proving to him that those whom he respects are not worthy of it, and indeed should be actively mistrusted. Dr. Schein then provided the group with a list of specific examples such as
1. Physical removal of prisoners to areas sufficiently isolated to effectively break or seriously weaken close emotional ties.
2. Segregation of all natural leaders.
3. Use of cooperative prisoners as leaders.
4. Prohibition of group activities not in line with brainwashing objectives.
5. Spying on the prisoners and reporting back private material.
6. Tricking men into written statements which are then shown to others.
7. Exploitation of opportunists and informers.
8. Convincing the prisoners that they can trust no one.
9. Treating those who are willing to collaborate in far more lenient ways than those which are not.
10. Punishing those who show uncooperative attitudes.
11. A systematic withholding of mail.
12. Preventing contact with anyone non-sympathetic to the method of treatment and regimen of the captive populace. 14
13. Building a group among the prisoners Convincing them that they have been abandoned by and totally isolated from the social order.
14. Disorganization of all group standards among the prisoners.
15. Undermining of all emotional supports.
16. Preventing prisoners from writing home or to friends in the community regarding the condition of their confinement.
17. Making available and permitting access to only those publications and books that contain materials which are neural to or supportive of the desired new attitudes.
18. Placing individuals into new and ambiguous situations for which the standards are kept deliberately unclear and then putting pressure on them to conform to what is desired in order to win favor and reprieve from the pressure.
19. Placing individuals whose will power has been severely weakened or eroded into a living situation with several others who are more advanced in their thought reform and whose job it is to further the undermining of the individuals emotional supports which were begun by isolating them from family and friends.
20. Using techniques of character invalidation. e.g. humiliations, revilement, shouting induce feelings of guilt, fear and suggestibility, coupled with sleeplessness and exacting prison regimen and periodic interrogational interviews.
21. Meeting all insincere attempts to comply with cell mate s pressures with renewed hostility.
22. Repeated pointing out to prisoner by cell mates of where he was in the past of is in the present, not even living up to his own standards or values.
23. Rewarding of submission and subservience to the attitudes encompassing the brainwashing objective with a lifting of pressure and acceptance as a human being.
24. Providing social emotional supports which reinforce the new attitudes.

Following Dr. Schein s address. James Bennett commented,
We can perhaps undertake some of the techniques Dr. Schein discussed and do things on your own. Undertake a little experiment with what you can do with the Muslims. There is a lot of research to do. Do it as groups and let us know the results.

Approximately eleven years after that historical meeting, it was confirmed that Dr. Schein s ideas and objectives were in fact being implemented inside the prisons. In July 1972, the Federal Prisoner s Coalition in a petition to the United Nations Economic and Social Council asserted that the Asklepieion program conducted at the Marion, Illinois, federal penitentiary was directly modeled on Chinese methods of thought reform. The petition contains a point-by-point comparison between Dr. Schein s address, and the written description of the goals and structure of the Asklepieion program. (See the Mind Manipulators by Alan W. Scheflin).

In further discussion of the many tactics implemented under this behavior modification program, we should not overlook the fact that prison officials will use drugs as a method of control. In fact, we have discovered that most of the drugs used by prison officials today are far more detrimental in their relative potency than those used in earlier years . It is not unusual inside the prisons today to see prisoners exhibiting Zombie-like behavior as a result of the type of drugs administered to them against or with their consent. In many prisons it is a prerequisite for some prisoners to take certain prescribed drugs in order to be released from solitary confinement. There are several counts that support the forcible use of drugs by prison officials thus leaving the way open for the us e of drugs as a hands-on tactic.

It is our position that whether or not one s response is a shocked conscience on learning of the behavior modification experiments, one should not consider the measure of one s feelings the acid test in deciding that the experimenters have exceeded the legal criterion of what constitutes violative practices. One should merely bear in mind that the behavior modification experiments are conducted to achieve nefarious counterinsurgency and low intensity warfare objectives. Nevertheless, the judicial branch of government continues to support the daily abuses arising out of the behavior modification program carried out in the United States penal system by not intervening to order the executive branch to cease their deleterious program and practices.

Moreover, many of the programs carried out by the Reagan administration and continued by the Bush administration that focus on the suppression of the Black Nation would immediately be condemned were they exposed to public scrutiny. Of course, one such program that would meet with public condemnation if it were given wide public exposure is the behavior modification program.

We submit that the captured Black Nation was and remains a prime target of the government s strategy of behavior modification counterinsurgency and low intensity warfare. The evidence of the implementing of the government s strategy is evinced by the exceptionally harsh treatment inflicted on Black prisoners in the United States penal system especially those prisoners who are committed to the Black Liberation Movement, the struggle for self-determination.

We want to point out, and it is important to understand the fact that the prisons in the United States have always been operated primarily by white administrators and supplied with predominantly white prison guards. This combination of factors renders the Black prisoner excessively vulnerable to and a prime target of unbridled racism and brutality. In addition, there is the fact that the government itself is deeply rooted in racism.

Also, we must not overlook the fact that there are prisoners from other oppressed Nations inside the United States and from the Caribbean Islands who, as they fight for their national liberation, are also targeted by this government s strategy of counterinsurgency and low intensity warfare. One indication of the commitment and determination possessed by these brothers is reflected by the fact of the many political prisoners and POWs from their struggles locked inside the bowels of the United States penal system.

The Puerto Rican National Liberation Movement in Puerto Rico and in the United States of America has been a prime target of the United States Government, and the govemment has used the most severe tactics of counterinsurgency and low intensity warfare against them for a half century or more. Since United States troops invaded the island in 1898, the people have used every method within their reach to terminate the colonial type structure designed and imposed on them by the colonizers, specifically the United States Congress.

Again the United States has violated the most basic principles of a people. The United States is cognizant of its wrongfulness and it is aware that people of the world, airing their views through their representatives in the United Nation General Assembly, side with the struggling Puerto Rican people. In fact, The General Assembly ... reaffirms the legitimacy of the people s struggle for liberation from colonial and foreign domination and alien subjugation by all available means, including armed struggle. (See U.N. General Assembly Resolution 3030 1 XXVIH))

The American Government has assassinated certain members of the Puerto Rican Movement it has tortured and maimed political prisoners it has used frame-ups resulting in imprisonment it has transferred the Puerto Rican leadership from the Island of Puerto Rico to prisons deep inside the continent of the United States thus, denying the leadership the opportunity to community with persons in the ongoing movement.

An example of United States imperialism and the United States efforts to control and alter the behavior of people resisting oppression becomes startlingly clear when we observe the handling of Black and Latin freedom fighters from the Caribbean Islands who are incarcerated inside the U.S. penal system. Many of these prisoners are politically opposed to the puppet regimes in their Caribbean Islands that America controls . Consequently, these dissident prisoners also become targets of the government s counterinsurgency and low intensity warfare.

It should also be understood that because of the geopolitical and economic objectives the United States is carrying out in these underdeveloped and developing nations many social crimes are committed on these islands and these crimes are a direct result of America s intervention. After arriving on United State s soil, though, the prisoners from the Caribbean Islands become socially, politically and culturally active in the United States prison system, and their experiences incline them i to create unbreakable bonds between themselves and the other Black freedom fighters inside the United States.

To fully appreciate the overall effect of behavior modification and low intensity warfare on those prisoners subjected to it more research will have to be done. But we feel that it is safe to say, in view of the incarceration of freedom fighters from the Caribbean in the United States prison system, which results in their political and cultural isolation, that they are very, very much enmeshed in the United States Government s counterinsurgency, low intensity warfare and behavior modification programs.

The mentioning of Blacks from the United States continent and the Caribbean Islands. The mentioning of Puerto Ricans from the United States and from the Island of Puerto Rico all of whom are freedom fighters of color, gives rise to the question are white anti-imperialists prisoners also targeted by the government s programs? When white anti-imperialists are charged and brought before judicial tribunals, many American judicial members suggest that because the white anti-imperialists are not victims of oppression, they have no justification for participating in the resistance. This position is clearly a nullification of the Nuremberg principle. Furthermore, we submit that it is natural for a caring human being to sympathize with, support, or align with those who resist being oppressed. However, when the white anti-imperialists do get involved in the resistance and are thereafter placed in prison because this government is deeply rooted in racism and feels compelled to discourage whites from aligning themselves with Blacks, the treatment inflicted on anti-imperialists are just as severe as that meted out to Blacks and the treatment is sometimes exceptionally cruel. These tactics are aimed at sending the message to North American whites to stay clear of the struggle.

We charge that at present, and for some time now, there is and has been a very clear and systematic program of low intensity warfare perpetually in motion in the prisons across America. Also, this program, brutally alive and well, is no mere accident, no loosely controlled haphazard affair. No, it is pan of a precise, coordinated, careful, well-thought out program that embraces the most scientific and subtle techniques of brainwashing, of psychological infiltration, of menticide. It is a program for the ruthless manipulation of people s minds, forcing them to conform with scientific and archetypal patterns of broken subjects. Their scientists have very meticulously worked our the intricate details of this practice through experimentation, deduction and inference.

They have worked out the details on how to create a controlled environment, on how to impregnate the environment with certain subtle messages in order to trigger certain thoughts and behavior patterns in their controlled subjects all based upon their knowledge of the laws of the workings of the mind.

Isolation and sensory deprivation as it is practiced in the Auschwitz and Dachaus scattered across America is a definite aspect of the oppressor s controlled environment. They know that through isolation, through the systematic removal, inclusion, or manipulation of key sensory stimuli, they can attack a prisoner s mind and reduce him or her to a warped, subservient state characterized by feelings of lethargy, listlessness and hopelessness... in short, a prisoner develops the feeling of being more dead than alive.

They combine the practice of tampering with sensory stimuli with a deficient diet, a diet lacking key nutrients in dispensable to the proper functioning of a well-integrated personality. The diet consists of meals that have acceptable appearances, but are nutritiously deficient, and after having eaten a few meals one finds oneself getting hungrier and feeling lethargic.

Being on such a diet promotes depression and ultimately gives rise to thoughts of self-destruction. All of this is intentional and all of this is based upon a very clear scientific program, one of the best programs their think tanks could devise. On this, as in all other areas, they know exactly what they are doing they know precisely what their experiments, their scientific applications, will entail. In this, as in other areas, they are again in violation of international standards.

It is clear, unequivocally clear, that this is a most cruel brand of psychological and emotional torture that is a violation of human rights and violates the U.S. Constitution prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. These measures rival even the methods used by Nazi Germany. Right now there are literally thousands of people being subjected to this program. It is an essential feature of the American penal system

The penal system is designed to break minds, to create warped and aberrated personalities, and isolation and sensory deprivation play a most singular and unique role in this.

In general, all prisoners are targeted. Even the staff themselves become victimized by the same system they blindly seek to uphold. You cannot dehumanize people without yourself becoming dehumanized in the process. Yes, all prisoners are targeted, and the harshness of their treatment varies only in degree with the most severe treatment being meted out to those with some political consciousness or to those who are in prison for political offenses. They concentrate extra hard on the political prisoner because the political prisoner has the clearest understanding about the true nature of things, about the exploitative relationships that prevail. Accordingly, they concentrate extra hard on the political prisoner because she or he has the greatest potential for awakening and organizing the rest of the prisoners.

So isolation and sensory deprivation has always played a unique role in the government s perennial war on the political prisoner. Through isolation and sensory deprivation, through being confined within a limited space, through the denial of privacy, lack of natural light and fresh air, through the lack of intellectual stimulation, lack of comradeship, through the lack of undisturbed sleep, lack of proper healthcare, lack of educational and recreational outlets the lack of these things that contribute to fueling life reduces one to an existence of lifelessness.

This is war. This is a war of attrition, and it is designed to reduce prisoners to a state of submission essential for their ideological conversion. That failing, the next option in deadly sequence is to reduce the prisoners to a state of psychological incompetence sufficient to neutralize them as efficient, self-directing antagonists. That failing, the only option left is to destroy the prisoners, preferably by making them desperate enough to destroy themselves. The purpose of this isolation and sensory deprivation is to disrupt one s balance, one s inner equilibrium, to dehumanize the prisoner, to depersonalize him, to strip him of his unique individuality, pliant in the hands of his vicious captors.

We note that amongst the many effects of the process is the disruption of the biological time clock, neuropathic disorders, biochemical degeneration, depression, apathy, chronic rage reaction, defensive psychological withdrawal, loss of appetite (or the opposite extreme), weight loss, and the exacerbation of preexisting medical problems.

These things are real, frighteningly real, as many, many documented cases prove. All of these things are part of a very clear scientific program operated by the government, and it is designed to crush, dehumanize, and decimate those held captive.

This implacable, relentless attack by the United States Government is a very clear violation of fundamental human rights. These violations constitute an issue we must all hasten to confront. This terrible malady is already in its most advanced state, and everyone is affected by it. In addition, it is to the peril of the whole nation the longer people procrastinate on taking a just stand on this issue.

There are relevant international bodies that exist to uncover and redress human rights violations, all of which are highly salutatory. But what we ask those of us who have been victimized is where are the strident voices of those international bodies as day in and day out, our rights, our dignity, are offended and trampled on over and over again? Is everyone so inexorably chained to partisan politics that they refrain from applying their conscience until given the nod by party bigwigs? The world can see what goes on in the tomb of America as Black people are being slowly strangled and suffocated to death and are reeling drunkenly under the tyrannical whip of oppression.

Yes, the world can see what goes on. Yet there remains a deadly chorus of silence, a conspiracy of silence.

We charge the American Government with genocide. In clear, unequivocal terms, we charge the American government with genocide against the captive Black people in America who are perpetually under siege.

For complete manuscript write to
Dr. Mutulu Shakur Defense Committee
2550 Shattuck Avenue, #42
Berkeley, CA 94704

1. Men the term political prisoner is used in this paper it is not limited to those who are incarcerated as a result of their political beliefs, actions, or affiliations. The term includes persons in prison for social crimes who became politicized inside prison walls, and who oriented their lives around the struggle for social justice and national liberation. Such persons as Malcolm X, George Jackson. The Attica Warriors, and the many other men and women of yesterday and today s struggle would be and are encompassed in the term.
2. Information concerning that historical meeting was found in the Mind Manipulators by Alan W. Scheflin. (See Library of Congress cataloging in publication data), additional information was found in a pamphlet on Breaking Men Minds behavior control in Marion, Illinois.
3. The drug thorazine (chlorpromazine) was the first anti-schizophrenia drug used in the United States and was generally given to prisoners in earlier years. This drug clearly produces a Zombie-like behavior in the individual. Furthermore, it is used as the standard against which the newer drugs are compared. (See multi modal behavior therapy, by Arnold A. Lazarus). Although, thorazine is still being used by prison officials today, new drugs called prolixin (fluphenazine) and haldol (haloperidol) are more preferably prescribed. Prolixin has a relative milligram potency of 70 1 to thorazine, and haldol as a potency of 100 1 to thorazine. Both drugs produce drastic mental and physical side effects.
4. According to the Webster Third New International Dictionary, the definition of acid test is a severe or crucial test as of value authenticity or effectiveness.
5. A committee chaired by Senator Frank Church made an overall evaluation of the riots and rebellion that swept the United States during the development of the Liberation Movement in the 60 s era.
6. Again the U.S. Government is clearly violating international standards by transferring Puerto Rican and Caribbean political prisoners into prisons deep inside the United States. The United Nations has established clear provisions against this sort of practice. On March 3, 1989. The U.N. General Assembly passed into effect resolution 43/173 which is called, Body of principles for the protection of all persons under any form of detention or imprisonment. Under its listing of principles, specifically U.N. resolution 43/173, principle 20, the following is stated If a detained or imprisoned person so requests, he shall if possible be kept in a place of detention or imprisonment reasonably near his usual place of residence.
7. The exploitative and brutal control the United States wields over the Caribbean Islands is evinced by the cowardly attack on Grenada, the intervention in Manley s government during the election in Jamaica, and the continual colonization of the Virgin Islands. One salient consequence of the U.S. exploitative and brutal control over the Caribbean is the major influx of Rastafarian and progressive prisoners from the Islands into the United States penal system.
8. Through experimentation, deduction, and inference all of which is empirically verifiable through repeated experimentation and arriving at the same results in conformance with the projected model or worked out archetype their scientists are able to work out and develop the precise formula that will enable them to direct and control people s behavior with mathematical precision.
9. See Covert Action Information Bulletin, issue number 31, wherein, Susan Rosenberg speaks about the horrendous conditions she, Silvia Baraldini and Alejandrina Torres were confined under in the Lexington High Security Unit.
10. Resolution 43/173, Principle 22, passed into effect on March 19, 1989, states the following No detained or imprisoned person shall, even with his consent, be subjected to any medical or scientific experimentation which may be detrimental to his health.
11. See The Mind Manipulators by Alan Scheflin. It contains information on some of the techniques used on prisoners. Here is a telling list of the chapters Assaulting the Mind Tampering with the Mind Ruling the Mind Amputating the Mind Pruning The Mind Rewiring the Mind Blowing the Mind Castrating the Mind Robotizing the Mind.
12. We do not mean to imply that these international bodies have not done some outstanding work. We acknowledge that these bodies have monitored certain regions and countries, and they have called attention to human rights abuses occurring in those areas. What we do charge, however, and feel most strongly about, is that these same international bodies have been virtually silent with regard to the brutal treatment of Blacks in America, a people who have never had any real rights in America. We are calling attention to this neglect.

Another Crime Bill
Dr. Mutulu Shakur
The New Crime Bill poses fundamental issues for Black/ New Afrikans in America. We must come to terms and face what seems to be self-destruction in the behavior of our young generation, which political parties and government claim to be the basis for another Crime Bill. We must decide whether the traumatic behavior which is so self-destructive and anti-community is a direct result of our failure as a Black Nation within America to give proper guidance to our youth or is it the manifestation of the lack of power, true power,, (political, economic, community, etc.) which stems from the fundamental miscalculation of the anticipated benefits of integration in addition to the adoption of the philosophy of rugged individualism? Or, are we the tools and experiments of aversion behavior modification and political manipulation? From these conclusions we must determine the short and long-range goals of the manipulators and, implement counter measures. The Republican Party in the 1994 elections used the battle cry It is time for a change and down with big government, but the loudest of all cries was Crime in America! The Democratic Party used the passing of the Crime Bill as an acid test for Bill Clinton, and Clinton, according to Laura Lee of the A.C.L.U., found it politically attractive. As Governor of Arkansas, he put to death mentally retarded offenders making his position on the death penalty quite clear.

What should be of tantamount concern is the process for voting on the Crime Bill by our elected representatives under the previous Democratic Congress. The Congressional Black Caucus (C.B.C.) was quite powerful, and it appeared that it was on the road to an independent agenda focusing on the needs and interests of Blacks in America as they saw it and a philosophy of positive change and consolidation in spite of the limits of the electoral politics in a two party system. The Leadership Summit, Haiti, and South Afrika were examples of positive endeavors.

However, the passing of the Crime Bill depended upon the C.B.C. This bill added more fascist laws, constitutional violations, double standards and unjust racial components that will affect us way past the twenty-first century. Why the C.B.C. in concern with the ten Black mayors equivocated on racial justice protection and were shortsighted will be for history to determine.

I find myself agreeing totally with Jesse Jackson in dismissing this Crime Bill as a little koolaid to go along with cyanide~ bringing to mind Jim Jones who led so many Black/ New Afrikans to commit suicide in Guyana.

Even though each party quotes statistics to substantiate their position, questions as to whether crime is in fact increasing or stabilizing persist. We must keep in mind that the pollsters are contracted in the self-serving interest of a specific group, party, with a self serving agenda in mind. Remember the statistics of parole ushered out for the Willie Horton ad used by the Republicans against the Democrats?

What we do know is that 93% of the murders committed by Black are on other Blacks. Also only 27% of Blacks incarcerated are incarcerated for violent crime, and we also know that we make up 50% of the federal prison population. In view of the these facts are we to believe that the parties that

have demonstrated disrespect for our human rights and the plight we have suffered under their forefather are suddenly concerned about what we do to each other? Not likely.

The questions are why are we so divided over the methods and tactics with which to confront and resolve this phenomenon how did we get to this level of despair and self-destruction, and does it affect us all?

The reason we as a people and class are in this predicament and will remain stagnated is that we continue to retreat from the demand for real power. We must look clearly at the practicality of getting all our rights from a politically monopolized legislature, a structure that confirmed Clarence Thomas as a token Supreme Court Justice and at the same time forcing a retreat of support Lani Guinier.

It is a known fact that for years Black men have been the victims of an unjust criminal justice system. At each presidential election a new program is enacted Weed and Seed, Violence Initiative, and on and on. Right now, prior to passing this New Crime Bill, 23% of all Black Men eighteen to twenty-nine years of age are in prison, in some type of jail, on probation or parole. When Black males account for 6 percent of the U.S. population and 50% of the U.S. prison population it s quite clear that at least on this point the Congressional Black Caucus First instinct to hold out for a racial justice provision was morally and politically correct especially with respect to concerns about the potential of the genocide effect through low birth rates.

The Black mayoral pressure on the C.B.C. was treacherous. The excuse that we needed crime prevention money won t hold water. The Republicans wouldn t support the bill if it contained the death penalty quota or racial justice provision. They cried about the pork in the budget. When the Republican Party won the 94 elections, they wanted to revisit the Crime Bill, look at the gun laws, and revisit the pork issue the same pork that the Black mayors wanted so badly to cat that they sold out their next generation. This Crime Bill did ) not rest solely on the death penalty provision and counter crime measures but also on the erosion of constitutional rights, putting more power in the hands of a police force and judicial system and government who have and will abuse these powers.

This type of leadership from the mayors and the C.B.C. gives our youth reason to disrespect them. My leadership not willing to stand up for the people truly earn disrespect. When our youth see leaders unwilling to fight to achieve as a people or a class in comparison to what other groups and other ethnics achieve, they pursue their own way look out for number one or rugged individualism in pursuit of economic empowerment. This analysis should not be viewed as a tolerance for the behavior of some of our youth, but we must get to the core of the problem. If you won t fight your enemy, how can we expect you to fight for the survival of your sons and daughters?
The bankruptcy of the economy and the nihilism of popular culture are the sources of distorted values and internalized violence present in ghetto youth today. The entire society is ensnared in the worship of the material culture. Manhood is defined in terms of how much you have, not how will you care for family, community, and nation.

The figures show that Black people account for 12% of the US population yet account for 48% of the homeless in the US These are the stark realities. It is not something you can hide from our children who come face to face with survival everyday. What is the mind set of the street culture? Where are the civic lessons? Many would rather gamble with death!

I grew up when the so-called ex-con represented on some level a stabilizing force. in terms of how illegal activities were carried out in the community, the ex-con was somebody s uncle, cousin, or brother. They were a part of what we had then the extended family. He or she would be willing to act in the best interest of our community and extended family. This analysis is in no way an attempt to glorify the lumpen. But if the truth be told, coming from a single parent family myself, many of the so-called ex-cons served as my mentors and guided me into manhood. For sure it is a fact that the killing of children, rape, robbery of the elderly and the inclusion of civilians not involved in the life as targets was not the way of gangsters of the past.

Violation of these codes of conduct would have been met with swift community justice. Nor by the clergy or police, but by the prisoners behind the walls once the violators were within reach, or by the controller of the underground economy. For instance, the number bankers in our community in the 50 s, 60 s and part of the 70 s might play this role and would mete out punishment based on a sense of principle.

So we ask what happened? What happened was that a political realization took place among the underclass. Prison began to produce revolutionaries and visionaries who could articulate, analyze, and move forward to organize against that oppression. Many of our leaders and the rank and file of our various struggles have been influenced by their experience in jail or by mentors who did time. The mentors were able to articulate that rehabilitation was a myth. They understood the origin of the indeterminate sentence by which a prisoner could serve one day to life depending on his performance and the extent of his rehabilitation. Psychotherapy was the treatment and the objective of the treatment was to punish political beliefs which did not conform to popular views. Failure to respond to treatment resulted in an extension of incarceration.

Out of the bowels of prison came the likes of Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, George Jackson, Bunchy Carter, Ahmad Evans, Eldridge Cleaver, Sekou Odinga, Dhoruba bin Wahad, Lumumba Shakur, Albert Nuh Washington, H. Rap Brown and many other lesser known but just as important resist

ers. Many of the Civil Rights leaders and participants were protected and encouraged by their pilgrimage to prison.

So, on, two fronts the prisoner and prison were having an adverse affect on the designs of the government with respect to New Afrikans. What emerged from the depths of prison oppression was a culture of resistance and a sense of extended responsibility to the community in spite of the negative context of the underground economy and the plague of drugs.

The government understood at that point that these men and women who emerged from prison had seen through the smokescreen of reactionary propaganda and they were having a positive impact on our culture. So prisons have become the battle ground in a war of attrition designed to reduce prisoners to a state of submission essential to their ideological conversion.

That failing, the next option in a deadly sequence is to reduce the prisoner to a state of psychological incompetence sufficient to neutralize them as self-directing antagonists. That failing, the only option left is to destroy the prisoner, preferably by making them desperate enough to destroy themselves. We can now see the results of those experiments in our neighborhoods as a self-evident truth. Tactics of war behavior modification and low intensity warfare is the marriage of government and prison officials. Psychologist Amilcar Cabral noted
oppression or domination of a people is only secure when the cultural life of a people is destroyed, paralyzed or at least neutralized.

Simultaneously, the distribution of drugs took on a new face and tactic. After many exhaustive analytical conversations with federal prisoners from United States Penitentiaries at Lewisburg, Lompoc, Marion, I concluded by an examination of the data that the dynamics of and more importantly the consequences of the distribution of drugs prior to the 70 s in the local communities wits generally handled in this manner organized crime distribute major quantities of drugs to known local kingpins usually indigenous to the community. Although we scorned the destruction that they represented, there clearly was a method to their madness.

The Iran/Contra scandal exposed the agenda to trade drugs for guns and allowed alien immigrants from Colombian, Cuban and Middle Eastern cartels through the local businesses that they had set up in our communities to establish a distribution strategy which circumvented the indigenous kingpins and the existing territorial boundaries that had been established neighborhood by neighborhood. So battle lines were drawn, not by communities but by alien distributors who had no interest at any level in the established codes of conduct or reinvestment in the community encouraging our younger generation to choose a path of self-destruction for material gains.

In the prison and on the street the designed manipulated behavior took hold. The Iran/Contra is not about guns for hostages but about guns for drugs and drugs for genocide. Military industrial complexes work hand and hand with the prison administration and the behavior sciences.

In prison violators of fundamental codes of conduct once not tolerated were given leeway. Individual materialism came before every aspect of community or the extended family. Natural leaders were shunned as well as thinkers by other prisoners for fear of retribution by the prison administration. With COINTELPRO in the streets of the larger community the people began to reject any connection with resistance. In prison leaders were isolated and put in the hole, but more importantly, there was less and less connection between the community, organizations and family.

It s no mystery. The objective of this New Crime Bill is in conjunction with low-intensity warfare and behavior modification. The goals are to establish slavery of New Afrikans in the twenty-first century.

The financial conspiracy to establish prison labor for private investment (preceded this Crime Bill in a trajectory strategy. The accumulation of hysteria and media manipulation set the stage for mandatory sentencing, crack law, Rico, the federalization of gang activities and three strikes you re out.

It doesn t take a Wall Street broker to see that investments are not made for short term objectives. The idea is long range projection. They must be able to predict a steady labor force to make their investors interested. On May 12, 1994, the Wall Street Journal featured an article entitled, Making Crime Pay Triangle of Interests Creates Infrastructure To Fight Lawlessness Cities See Jobs. The article presents an ominous plan to increase the number of people being sent to prison. They are talking about how Big Businesses like Goldman Sachs & Co., Prudential Insurance Co., Smith Barney Shearson, Inc. and Merrill Lynch and Co.. Inc. are among those competing to underwrite prison construction with private tax-exempt bonds where no voter approval is required. In essence. Big Business is investing in the prison system. It was clear to them that the new Crime Bill was going to pass no matter what. The New Crime Bill was never on the ropes!

On May 19, 1994, a week after the Wail Street article was published, the Director of the Federal Prisons, Kathleen M. Hawk, and Representative Frank Wolf gave testimony to Congressional Committee, House Judiciary/Intellectual Property and Judicial Administration pleading to have inmate labor used in the private sector. The legislative proposal H.R. 703 and 4092 Amendment would authorize Federal Prison Industries (F.P.L) to produce and sell goods in the private sector/market where these goods would otherwise be produced by foreign labor.

All of our people must take stock of what the long range effects of this Crime Bill are. The Bill it self is 1,000 pages long and all most of us hear about is the Death Penalty and the Pork. The devastating sections inherent in this Bill include making the parent pay for the crime of the child and the authorization of government to investigate individuals or groups who engage in First Amendment activities in support of political goals of organizations deemed terrorist. One person s terrorist is another person s Freedom Fighter. Allah knows we need some Freedom Fighters! By supporting political prisoners and prisoners of war in America, you are fighting for the reconstruction of your community.

It is very important for our community to go to the prisons and force interaction investigate the many cases of prisoners in the hole for no other reason than their political ideologies or their charisma as leaders and teachers. Why are all the prisoners housed in prisons in the rural white areas? Don t Blacks know how to turn keys? Truly we can see the writing on the wall. Let us not be made fools of any longer through our own cowardice and self-destructiveness.

Across the country Brothers and Sisters need to petition the Congressional Black Caucus and demand that they hold hearings concerning the critical issues, to stand up and confront the Beast that wishes to devour, our people so that posterity will not curse their names for all time.

Brothers and Sisters we need each other. Political prisoners in America will continue fighting for our human rights. However, we must understand that we are all in this together. What comes around goes around. A nation of people that won t stand for something will fall for anything.

October 22, 1995
Statement to the Committee to End the Marion Lockdown
Dr. Mutulu Shakur
The manifestation of control units in America, ushers in the existence of apartheid for the 21st century secure in the rubric of a conspiracy disguised as constitutionally legal in confronting crimes. The real question is does it reflect human fights violations?

In actuality the political and social containment of growing discontent, and the resistance against the trend of racism and economic oppression are the motives, which are disguised by double speak through Madison Avenue promotional mix for the Government and its agents. Wall Street s marketing strategy for investment in the privatization of prisons and related industries coupled with prolification of state and govemment prisons all over the United States and its colonies securing continued labor forces, using the strategy with NAFTA Agreement, insures a protracted struggle for human rights protection against human rights violations. Clearly the rush to pass the New Crime Bills death penalties were not aimed at the protection of the citizen or victims of crime but rather, by their nature, the 60 new death penalties under federal statue are aimed at the protection of the state and their anticipation of resistance.

The role of control units to contain the most political aware, as well as the political prisoner and prisoner of war of National Liberation Movement And the seasons veteran against prison repression serves as a reminder of the true intent, which accounts for the vast amount of time given for nonviolent offenses, with no anticipation of release. These conditions provide a vehicle to raise the level of public conscience. The major question we must address is, will we he able to present these circumstances against this force, which would shock the conscience of the masses, guiding them to respond effectively and decisively.

The task facing CEML, which historically has attacked the control unit of Marion at the onset of its tactical use in 1983, with the federal prisoner system remains, to continue its work by effectively presenting thje correct analysis and work. Support for CEML and the National Campaign t stop control units provide a very important vehicle to raise their level of struggle The battle to expose prisons and the interrelationship to racism and crime, is an old on but now there exists new tactics and strategies. The reemergence of chain gangs in various states, the legally justified acts of brutality as well as physical physiological in the many gulags in America must be confronted on all levels.

The work by members of the New Afrikan Liberation Front is well as Sister Tanaquil and Brother Dhoruba. The Pelican Bay Committee, of California. These forces are maintaining the umbilical relationship between those of us inside with the Free World humanizing the prisoners in the faces of demonization. The question of fighting crime in the community in America is a real issue that must not be side stepped or evaded. The root course for crime today, must be a mass based community control solution in order, to effectuate real results as well as its essentialness to self determination and liberation. To allow conditions which predispose people to crime and the results there of, by evading our responsibility which will allow the implementation of fascist racist and abusive of power, creating conditions of totalitarianism is a grave mistake, we must not be fooled.

The battle to stop control units will become a very important endeavor in the ensuing struggle in the 21st century. Hopefully, it will enlist an element which has not as of yet been motivated. As a prisoner of war that has been in two control units, I am encouraged by your work and presence. The struggle will be intense.

We want our freedom anyway. Our freedom is your freedom anyway.

Stiff Resistance,
Mutulu Shakur

We Want Freedom AnyWay for Mumia
By Mutulu Shakur November, 1994
So you say, at last this period has passed, they lost
We must kill him, He must pay
The words he spoke taught too much
Shed the light, Exposed the truth

Of course, the power remains the same
Contradictions, Are we to ignore?
Victory? There are many objectives
Fighting within the void of unpredictability

Shame! Of what?
Truth will raise the light he illuminated
Move! Oh, yea, that s the way
Reality! Fearless, Tears are no answer
Just fuel

We wouldn t then, And we won t now
Condone the killings of our future
Fearlessly we march, sign and draw
To DAMN with the consequences

We want our freedom anyway
Here comes the light yes, And the wind too
Oh, It s not the light, but the breath of its glow
Oh yea, the wind must blow

I ll take my chances to join the fight
We must! We have no choice
For victory is in the fight
The results are the reward
In the star chambers of death
You mix the Confused, Bad and Deviant
With the Just and Righteous
Oh, Know we re not confused
What must be said is that there is a difference
We are the victims
We know it s never changed
Release the DREAD Repent the abuse of power
The gas, The chair, The needle
You won t cleanse your hypocrisy that way
The battlefield of HUMANITY challenges your genocide
We beg not
Our spirit calls out to a higher Authority
We are not ashamed
It s been our companion against all odds.
The passion & justice of our conviction cleanses our concern

We ve come too far to submit
Patty Rollers Whippings Hangings too
Hold fast my Brother, We can see your light
Of course the light will be lit again


P. 0. Box 8532
Paterson, NJ 07508-8532
(201) 357-0994