Eric Boehme

ATR Activism

This pamphlet is about our roles as politicized actors. This is about punks and politics. It is an explanation and a criticism of two different forms of activism, lifestyle activism and group activism. It is an attempt to analyze the ways we try to change our world-our struggles, our victories, and our failures. It is also a recognition of the difficulty and the contradictions involved in actively resisting our system. Finally, it is a call to network and communicate for those kids involved in destroying the system and building an alternative to our world, it is a critical analysis of where we are, where we are going, and hat may help us get there.

If we really believe infighting for abetter world, our resistance must be in our minds using our imaginations to criticize existing life and discover better ways to live. Arid it must be through our actions-in the real world, in our everyday lives, practicing our criticisms and working with others for a change, for a REVOLUTION that includes more than just ourselves.