Tim Ream

A Very Abbreviated List of Resources to Protect the Earth at a Variety of Levels

Facing Our Reality
In the continental U.S., 97.3% of native forest has been cut. Prairie, desert, wetland, river, lake and ocean ecosystems have been similarly impacted. Outside the U.S., ecosystems often are as or more destroyed. Because of human impacts, the earth may warm to its hottest temperature in 65 million years in just this century. Half of all species left on the planet may forever cease in just this century.

Western consumption far outpaces the rest of the world. Western lifestyles are unsustainable. You might consider your lifestyle sustainable if everyone on the planet made the choices you make and the ecosystems on the planet today remained as healthy seven generations from today. With this in mind I suggest...

Having no children is heroic. One child is understandable. Two children per couple perpetuate the problem. Don't buy factory farm animal products. Don't buy pesticide food. Don't get in a car alone. Don't have a TV at your residence. Work less. Save your money.