Communique to the Radical Community of (Portland) PDX

Communique to the radical community of PDX
If I sound pissed, it's cause I am but with an open heart and listening ear. I am Personally hopeful, my reasoning on reaching out to you. and raves on social problems I feel we don't face enough or ever.

Reclaiming Polyamory.
Wake the fuck up! if you are going to fuck around, so be it, fuck and enjoy it (hell yeah)!,, but do it with maturity, responsibility, and consideration. If you involve yourself with someone who is involved make a conscious effort to reach out to your lovers other lover, ESPECIALLY if that person identifies as a womyn. If you can't face them and honestly express your intentions when that person needs to hear it, than I personally believe that you should not practice polyamory. Sure I know most of you do the whole "casual" game of "we don't need to talk cause it's not a big deal." Well, sorry, being intimate with someone, even just a fuck can involve the smallest amount of emotion and you need to be respectful of all people involved (including yourself). Talk it out just once, face each other, knowing that you are fucking the same person. Welcome to community building, reaching out to the ones closest to you, congratulations on completing what I believe are the responsibilities of being polyamorous. If you fuck around with people who are already involved and don't communicate openly and HONESTLY to all the people involved, the all if what it is, fucking around, don't claim to be polyamorous.