Crimethinc Ex-Workers Collective

Wasted Indeed

Anarchy & Alcohol

Peering through the fog behind his eyes, he saw an alcohologram: a world of anguish, in which intoxication was the only escape. Hating himself even more than he hated the corporate killers who had created it, he stumbled to his feet and headed back to the liquor store.

Ensconced in their penthouses, they counted the dollars pouring in from millions like him, and chuckled to themselves at the ease with which all opposition was crushed. But they, too, often had to drink themselves to sleep at night—if ever those vanquished masses stop coming back for more, the tycoons sometimes fretted to themselves, there's going to be hell to pay . . .

D.I.Y. Guide I

Fuck Specialists And Fuck Paying For Shit, Do It Yrself...

We need to build a community in which we can share resources and rely on each other. This includes sharing information and learning how to be autonomous as a community. That is the purpose of this zine. There is no scarcity of individuals (or teams) that can do totally amazing things. Fuck specialists and professionals --- we don't need them...

Dropping Out

For Students

This is a handbook; a tool, made by a human being, with fears and faults, just like you.

This is not another story for you to sit around and passively read.

There is something real, immediate and important at stake right here and now: your life.

Now it's up to you to turn the page.

CrimethInc. Worker Bulletin #47

Top Secret Communique For Members Only

squatting, dumpstering, gardening, inventing, d.i.y. building and plumbing and decorating and printing and repairing . . .

The end of specialization the end of expertise as a commodity in a scarcity economy. The rejection of technology as a deity mediated by an elite priest caste, and of linear progress as the sole and unquestionable principle of human history. The realization that each of us can do anything, that it is more valuable to make your own progress than to passively accept or even contribute to a progress beyond your control.

Food Not Bombs, local and international communities, communal living arrangements, community spaces, open relationships, loving friendships, affinity/infinity groups . . .

The emergence of mutual aid and emotional support outside the exchange system, for their own sake rather than as a transaction, so that we can build communities which protect and foster individuality and cooperation at once.