The Fight For History / Combate Por La Historia

A Manifesto / Un Manifesto

The bourgeois institutions of the State's cultural apparatus will always attempt to control and exploit the historical record for their own benefit, covering up, ignoring or misrepresenting facts that place a question over or cast doubts upon the class rule which academics and professional historians, with but a few rare and honourable exceptions, accept with alacrity. The publication of Elorza and Bizcarrondo's Queridos Camaradas, the chapters by Casanova, Sole i Sabate and Villarroya in the book Victimas de la Guerra Civil, compiled by Santos Juli... (himself the author of an introductory anthology), or the ineffable course of the civil war offered last March-May by the slavish Museo de Historia de Cataluña, are the most recent examples of the Official History mentioned in this manifesto.