An Anonymous Woman Prisoner In Oregon

We Never Sleep

Newsletter Of The Anarchist Prisoners' Legal Aid Network

Anarchist and anarchist-friendly prisoners within the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) gulag have been and are being subjected to a steadily worsening crescendo of censorship of incoming mail and publications. This fascistic activity cannot be allowed to continue unchallenged or it will not be long before all material deemed anarchist related will be censored, with the terminology 'anarchist related', like 'beauty', being in the eye of the oppressor.

Currently, barring simple ineptitude oil the part of the authorities, any piece of mail of publication displaying a 'circle A' symbol or an anarchist black cross symbol is being rejected wholesale. This has held true even where, the offending symbol is displayed in a news article photograph in a globally distributed magazine. This policy alone results in the rejection of most anarchist oriented publications. However, rejections sometimes are based upon, 'Security Threat Group content' (anarchists he' been identified by ODOC as a 'Security Threat Group') without any reference to what content is actually threatening or why.