Garbage Liberation Front

Guerrila Shit Composting

Shit You Should Know

So, we dumpster most of the food we eat, shoplift what we can't, monoculture coffee shops can't seem to keep their windows from getting smashed, and we just emailed the White House 1.7 gazillion times about the Jefferson Nail Forest 700 acre timber sale. We live, eat, and breath non-participation in a system we don't agree with. And yet, we still contribute to the most polluting, most land-stripping, most generally destructive 'service' Capitalism has to offer: The Sewer System - we still shit in flush toilets, and we still flush it away. The system is shit, and we shit in it!

The sewer system is not only incredibly expensive to operate and maintain (yes, every time you buy a pack of smokes, you're paying for it!), it also demands an insane amount of energy and dumps millions of gallons of highly toxic chemicals into the environment and into our drinking water.