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Vivisection: A Moderate Proposal / Leaving The Comfort Zone / Industrialism Must Go!

To the dismay of many of my friends, I'm not unalterably opposed to vivisection. In fact, I'd wholeheartedly support it, were vivisectors to make one minor administrative change. It would be that scientists perform the experiments not on nonhumans but on themselves and their colleagues. Scientists keep telling us how beneficial the experiments are for Science with a capital S, Progress with a capital P, and of course Man with a capital M. If the experiments really are Necessary with a capital N, the scientists should be willing to make this sacrifice (with a small s) for the greater good. In any case, because of strict regulations, according to no less an authority than Lord Sainsbury, British Science Minister, advocate of genetic engineering and owner of a very large supermarket chain, experiments generally cause no more than 'moderate' suffering. If this is actually true, scientists shouldn't too much mind throwing their hats into this ring.