Max Frisch

To The Wanderers

We Asked For Labor Powers, Men Came.

No one emigrates from their country for pleasure – here's too of a simple truth that many want too hide. If someone  peacefully leave their land and their loved ones, we wouldn't define them as migrants, but simply travelers or tourists. Migration is a coercive kind of moving, a roaming in search of better life conditions.

At the moment there is a 150 millions foreigner around the world, because of wars, ecological disasters, famine, or simply the running of industrial production (the destruction of countryside and of forests, mass lay off, and so on). All these aspects form a mosaic of oppression and of misery in which the effects of exploitation become themselves more or less direct causes of suffering and eradication, in a never ending spiral that makes every distinction between 'displaced', 'migrants', asylum seekers, refugees, survived an hypocritical distinction. Just think about how social are these so called ecological emergencies (lack of water, growing desertification, fields sterility): the explosion of a oil refinery, together with the destruction of every local autonomy on which it laid on, can change the fate of an entire population sometimes.