Robin Webb, ALF Press Officer

Animal Liberation

By 'Whatever Means Necessary'

'Animal lib loonies' 'terrorists' 'people haters' all these terms and worse have been used by power-hungry, profit-motivated animal abusers and the mass media to describe the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and similarly inclined groups that work outside 'The Law' - whose law? - in pursuit of justice for our brothers and sisters of other species.

The truth is very different. People from all walks of life and social backgrounds, of all ages, of all beliefs and of none. These are the compassionate commandos who make up the ALF and like-minded groups.

Driven by an abhorrence of all abuse and exploitation of the weak and innocent, the activists break unjust laws and risk their freedom in pursuit of a rightful cause - animal liberation - in much the same way that campaigners in past struggles fought for the abolition of slavery and emancipation of women. It used to be a 'crime' to help a slave escape from bondage. It was - indeed, still is! - a 'crime' to torch empty buildings whilst making a valid point through economic sabotage. How many thinking people would now condemn the abolitionists and suffragettes for taking such extra-parliamentary actions?ยจ