We Never Sleep

Newsletter Of The Anarchist Prisoners' Legal Aid Network

by An Anonymous Woman Prisoner In Oregon

Anarchist and anarchist-friendly prisoners within the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) gulag have been and are being subjected to a steadily worsening crescendo of censorship of incoming mail and publications. This fascistic activity cannot be allowed to continue unchallenged or it will not be long before all material deemed anarchist related will be censored, with the terminology 'anarchist related', like 'beauty', being in the eye of the oppressor.

Currently, barring simple ineptitude oil the part of the authorities, any piece of mail of publication displaying a 'circle A' symbol or an anarchist black cross symbol is being rejected wholesale. This has held true even where, the offending symbol is displayed in a news article photograph in a globally distributed magazine. This policy alone results in the rejection of most anarchist oriented publications. However, rejections sometimes are based upon, 'Security Threat Group content' (anarchists he' been identified by ODOC as a 'Security Threat Group') without any reference to what content is actually threatening or why.

Upcoming Prisoner Lawsuit Challenges Anarchist Repression
Anarchist and anarchist-friendly prisoners within the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) gulag have been and are being subjected to a steadily worsening crescendo of censorship of incoming mail and publications. This fascistic activity cannot be allowed to continue unchallenged or it will not be long before all material deemed anarchist related will be censored, with the terminology anarchist related , like beauty , being in the eye of the oppressor.

Currently, barring simple ineptitude oil the part of the authorities, any piece of mail of publication displaying a circle A symbol or an anarchist black cross symbol is being rejected wholesale. This has held true even where, the offending symbol is displayed in a news article photograph in a globally distributed magazine. This policy alone results in the rejection of most anarchist oriented publications. However, rejections sometimes are based upon, Security Threat Group content (anarchists he been identified by ODOC as a Security Threat Group ) without any reference to what content is actually threatening or why.

I recently wrote to Mike Beagan, ODOC STG Management Inspector asking for relief from the censorship and for all explanation as to what criteria and legal mechanism ODOC used to brand anarchists as a security threat group. This is the absurd Orwellian doublespeak I received back

The anarchist movement in Oregon has grown to where it is a serious concern to low enforcement, and the public, due to its increased violence towards others. As such the so called circle A is a well known rallying point for those within the movement.

The policy of the Oregon Department of Corrections is a zero tolerance for any STG related activity. Each publication is evaluated upon its own merit and either accepted or rejected.

As you can see, these authoritarians, with self-appointed pompous verve, refuse to discuss or consider their intrusion upon inalienable humanitarian rights. And so I am bringing suit In the Oregon federal court system. I will be challenging the classification of anarchism as all STG, the over-broadness or this classification, and why there is no procedural due process vehicle in place to challenge. meaningfully or otherwise, this unilateral classification. I will be challenging die rejections based solely upon do symbols circle A and Anarchist Black Cross . I will be challenging the denial of substantive due process where mail is rejected for STG content without identifying that content and without identifying why that content deserves rejection. Lastly, I will be challenging the conversion of my personal property In the form of the rejected mail/publications.

The court battle is expected to be drawn out and difficult. Those are the common toed of the Attorney General s office, the champion of the people . At the same time as they am both dilating sod avoiding the issues before the court the fascists will attempt to brand the issues as frivolous. malicious, slid not constituting a legal claim upon which relief can be granted. Usually, and I make this statement without any naive pretense, die court will find for the people after giving much lip service to constitutional right. Just the same, there is grandeur in the effort, the truths are self-evident, and we lust not fear the path of truth for the lack of people walking on it.

Anyone caring to comment to the court on these issues may do so by writing tile court cam of me. Brian McCarvill #11037967, OSP, 2605 State St., Salem, OR 973 10.

Donations desperately needed!

The Oregon State Penitentiary consistently rejects anarchist publications. The radical community within the walls of OSP wishes to take the Oregon Department of Corrections to task in a civil rights lawsuit, Outside supporters have been unable to date to raise funds for legal representation. This writer, all experienced prison legal litigator, will soon file suit within the Oregon courts. Litigation is expensive, even more so for prisoners without incomes. Donations, no matter how small, are urgently requested and can be made by sending money orders or cashiers checks only made out to The Prison Account of Brian McCarvill # 11037967 and sent to Central Trust PO Box 14400, Salem, OR 973095077. If you can and do send a donation, please write to Brian McCarvill separately at Brian McCarvill #11037967, OSP, 2605 State St., Salem, OR 97310.

Anarchist Prisoners Legal Aid Network
818 SW 3rd Ave PMB #354 / Portland, OR / 97204 /

Imprisoned Comrade Targeted
Political prisoner Craig Critter Marshal is currently experiencing serious harassment. The Joint Terrorism Task Force paid him a visit, using cliched tactics, such as offering to set him free in exchange for information, then alternately threatening federal time.

Critter s mail is being withheld for anywhere from 10 to 21 days. Under the conditions of interrogation and harassment, Critter has remained strong. It is imperative that we show him our support. Write to Critter today.

You must include a full name and a return address on the front of the envelope.
Craig Marshall
777 Stanton Blvd.
Ontario, OR 97914

For more info about anarchist/class war prisoners, contact APLAN, 818 SW 3rd Ave., PMB 354, Portland, OR 97204
Critter is also being sued by romania chevrolet, a eugene SUV outlet. If interested in sending funds, please write him first.

Cover art by Rashid.
Kevin (Rashid) Johnson #185492
Wallens Ridge State Prison
PO Box 759
Big Stone Gap, VA 24219

We Never Sleep was the name of a zine put out by former prisoner Paul-X, who worked to bring news from prison to the community before taking his own life when the pressures outside prison became unbearable. The name reflects our nature and resolve as anarchists.

Notes from Portland
We Never Sleep is back! Our prolonged hiatus in publication reflects a period of regrouping on the outside, to lay a solid foundation for this project s continuance. We now hope to resume regular publication, and look forward to receiving your contributions for the next newsletter.

With regular censorship of this and other anarchist publications by the Oregon Department of Corrections, those who refuse to give in to the pettiness of ODOC s mail rooms are fighting back. See our back cover for news about Brian McCarvill s current legal challenge. Those of us in Portland were planning to litigate on the issue of this publication s denial in several Oregon prisons, but unfortunately lost our lawyer when he left private practice. Money raised for this lawsuit has been split between Brian and Craig Critter Marshall, for help with their legal efforts.

We still feel that a legal challenge originating from the outside would be of great help, seeing as those held captive in Oregon seem to have no rights that the ODOC bureaucracy seems bound to respect. We are currently looking for an Oregon lawyer willing to help us with this effort. Please get in touch if you have any suggestions.
Friends on the outside, please note our new email address weneversleep@ziplip.com

Revolutionary Ex-Political Prisoners Visit Portland
Rita (Bo) Brown and Chris Plummer held a forum in Portland this past July focusing on political prisoners, state repression and the necessity of revolutionary resistance to patriarchy, capitalism, racism and the state.

Bo spoke of her history of underground, anti-imperialist actions and eventual arrest in 1977 for bank robbery. After serving eight years in prison, she
formed Out of Control, a prison support group out of the Bay Area which provides much-needed assistance to women prisoners. Bo stressed the lack of support women receive compared to men, noting that the visiting rooms in women s prisons are nearly empty. Bo spoke with passion and wisdom as a powerful voice for incarcerated women. Much can be learned from her experience and conviction.

Chris Plummer, a longtime anarchist, antiracist and founder of the United Anarchist Front was recently released from prison after serving over eight years. Chris Plummer remained very active during his prison sentence, including starting Cell One, a lending library for prisoners that distributed radical literature by and about Blacks, Chicanos, Native Americans, Asians and working class whites.

Chris spoke with ferocity and righteous rage. He presented a passionate and articulate argument for the anarchist movement to become more active and effective in its prisoner support efforts. Chris is currently active in the Anarchist Black Cross Network. Many thanks to Bo and Chris for sharing their inspiration and experiences.

Former political prisoner Claude Marks presented the film David Gilbert A Lifetime of Struggle in Portland. David Gilbert is currently serving a life sentence for his role in support of Black Liberation struggles. In the film David frankly discusses the strengths and errors of the movement as a whole and of the Weather Underground Organization in particular. We recommend this film. (To order A Lifetime of Struggle , send check or money order for $20 US / $25 in Canada to The Freedom Archives / 522 Valencia Street / San Francisco, CA 94110)

Rob los Ricos Enterprises
Over the past 3 years of my prison experience, friends, supporters, well-wishers and comrades have been generous to me, sending donations, books, zines, cards and letters. Thank you all very much for thinking of me, it means a lot.

The Oregon Department of Corrections makes it difficult to send literature and monetary donations to prisoners, so a friend offered to start a bank account for me in Eugene. The only way this seems to work for all parties involved is to start a business account in my name, so that s what we ve done.

Having one address for people to send donations my way seems like the easiest way for me to manage my personal affairs, so that I have one place and person to contact when I want to order a book, subscribe to a magazine, order new glasses, replace my worn out running shoes, send money to my daughter s mother or send her a gift. (Her birthday is coming up soon.)

In the future, this business account may come in handy for helping me produce publications and otherwise conduct business with the outside world. Of course, I ll let ya ll know when such developments arise.

Thanks again for your support. It s made a really horrible situation somewhat more bearable.

Send donations to Rob los Ricos / PO Box 50634 / Eugene OR 97405 (USA)
In Revolt - Rob Thaxton # 12112716 / OSP / 2605 State Street / Salem, OR 973 10 (USA)

Romania Enterprises Files Lawsuit Against Free & Critter
On February 25, Romania Enterprises filed a lawsuit in the Lane County Circuit Court. This suit is an attempt to gain monetary compensation for vehicles burned at Romania Chevrolet in an ecodefense action of May 2000, for which both Free and Critter were convicted. The lawsuit seeks $28,213 from both men for damage to three pickups.

Support of Free and Critter in the face of these further attacks is both necessary and welcome.

Update on Rodney Wade
Idaho prisoner Rodney Wade was interrogated by special agent Joseph W. Hess Jr. regarding his letter writing in protest of animal cruelty. Rodney was questioned for over an hour about the ELF, ALF, specific activists and their activities. Rodney told Agent Hess that he should ask those activists themselves and that he would not give him any information on people or groups. Agent Hess proceeded to tell Rodney that he would not be charged, but that his writings are considered to be a form of intimidation, which is terrorism. To this Rodney responded No! I speak the truth, and I tell people what you won t tell them, and as long as I have the right to speech, I m gonna keep writing and speaking out against people and things I don t like. Rodney has also been battling art ongoing and potentially dangerous medical condition. For the past three months Rodney has been denied six individual medical requests, pain medication and a medically required liquid diet. Rodney went on hunger strike for three weeks and lost twelve pounds before he finally received a referral to see a surgeon. After these months of struggle for basic medical attention, he was finally offered an experimental treatment for his condition it is unlikely to be adequate. He is in need of support for both his political persecution and his lack of medical care. Write him a letter expressing your solidarity, and please contact the Warden of IMSI and demand proper medical attention for Rodney Wade. Rodney Wade #38.058 / IMSI / Al31 B POB, 51 Boise, ID 83707 / USA Warden Greg Fisher / MISI / POB 51 Boise, ID 83707 / USA

Portland OR, Activists Detained For Arson
Two ecoactivists, Jacob Sherman and Jeremy Rosenbloom, were arrested this August on suspicion of arson against logging trucks at Eagle Creek last year. The police also announced they were seeking two other activists, Angela Marie Cesario and Michael Scarpitti, on the same charges. Following the initial arrests, news of Angela s arrest soon followed. Jacob, Jeremy and Angela have now all been charged with four counts relating to the arsons and bailed pending trial. However, Michael, who is also known as Tre Arrow, has not been located by the police and he is claimed to be on the run. This November an additional indictment against Tre and Jacob was added. It presents four counts each for using firebombs to damage four Ross Island Sand and Gravel Co. trucks. The action took place on April 15th 200 1.

North American ALF Press Office Raided
On July 30th the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) raided the home and office of David Barbarash. Mr. Barbarash has been the spokesperson for the North American Animal Liberation Front Press Office (NAALFPO) since July of 1999. During the raid his front door was kicked in and the cops seized computers, computer disks, hundreds of videos, miscellaneous photos, paper files, and four US postal mail bags, in addition to documents and files seized (and previously returned) during prior raids.

It is an outrage that the type of invasion and harassment I ve been subject to can take place against a spokesperson whose role is solely as a media liaison states Barbarash.

The RCMP used a newly formed antiterrorist team INSET (Integrated National Security Enforcement Team) to raid Barbarash s home. NSET will be using the premise of national security to invade and disrupt the lives of individuals perceived as a threat to the powers that be, regardless of crimes committed or not.

From an RCMP press release of June 18th INSET will help insure early detection and prevention of any potential threats to national security. The importance of greater integration of resources and intelligence has been heightened by the reality of terrorism since the tragic events of September 11th, 2001.

Barbarash remains clear This is not about animal rights issues or actions. It was about how we have lost a large chunk of basic civil liberties and human rights. We really do live in a police state where those who speak their minds and who oppose oppression risk police raids, possible arrest and lengthy jail terms. North American A.L.F. Press Office PO Box 3 673 / Courtenay, BC V9N 7P I Canada Phone 2507036312

What Does Man s Death Mean for MOVE?
Walidah Imarisha
In a tragic twist to an ongoing MOVE custody battle, John Gilbride, former MOVE supporter and father of sixyearold Zachary Africa, was found shot to death in his car in front of his home the morning of September 27.
Gilbride had been involved in a four year long custody baffle with the radical naturalist organization MOVE over the child he had with MOVE member Alberta Africa. MOVE says the issues began when Gilbride deserted his family when Zachary was two, disappearing without warning for six months. When he resurfaced, he demanded custody, which Alberta denied him, claiming he had a history of abuse and instability. She offered Supervised visits whenever he wanted, which Gilbride refused. A recent court ruling gave Gilbride partial custody, including unsupervised weekend visits with the child. His first scheduled visit was to begin September 20, but he was in Las Vegas.

Police say Gilbride was found in his parked car in front of his Maple Shade, NJ apartment complex, car still running, seat-belt still attached. Time of death is estimated at 11 30 p.m. Thursday night. They feel he was killed execution-style. Neighbors report hearing nothing at all. The body was found when a neighbor complained to police that headlights had been shining into her apartment for over 30 minutes.

Maple Shade police say they have no leads as of yet but are pursuing all possibilities. These possibilities include the MOVE organization, and police have said they will bring Alberta in for questioning.

The organization was already on high alert because of the custody ruling, which they had defied, refusing to hand over the child. Their 4504 Kingsessing home was fortified a couple of weeks ago, which wooden slats placed over the windows, and food stockpiled in the house. MOVE is continuing these precautions, because they say this will be used as another excuse to attack MOVE.

They use whatever they can to come at us, just to implicate us. We re a very peaceful organization, we re a non violent organization but we do believe in self defense. People know that and they want to play on the media attacks on us,

says Tiffany Robbins, MOVE supporter.

In a statement issued Friday, the group denied any involvement in the death. MOVE is committed to protecting our children, but we re not killers or murderers. It goes on to say that the group is deeply saddened and hurt by the blow we received this morning of the news that John is gone.

Police also announced September 29 that they had contacted the FBI to aid with the investigation. MOVE feels this is just another tactic to harass the organization.

I don t put anything past this government or their agents, whatever form their agents come, whether it be the courts or the police or the FBI. They wanted to hurt MOVE with this, and they did, they hurt us bad with this. John was someone we were really familiar with,

Robbins explains.

But Inspector William Colarulo, Philadelphia Police Department spokesperson, says this case does not currently involve his police department.

This is being handled by the Maple Shade police. As far as I know, it doesn t involve MOVE, because the deceased was not a MOVE member, and there is nothing currently to implicate them.

At a press release held the day Gilbride s body was discovered, the organization invited the press inside their barricaded home, into a comfortable living room, where Alberta Africa sat in a plush arm chair, obviously distraught.

She stated that she and MOVE had nothing to do with Gilbride s death, and instead pointed the finger at the government, referencing the horrific history MOVE has with city administration which culminated in Philly police dropping a bomb on MONTE S house in May 13, 1985, killing I I people including five children, and setting fire to an entire city block. I ve experienced a lot of pain at the hands of this government, and I believe this government is behind this, Alberta stated. She pointed to the professional nature of the murder, saying it sounded like government agents or military Special Forces. That may sound far fetched to you people, but any government that would drop a bomb on babies is capable of anything.

Far from wanting Gilbride s death, Alberta says they were beginning to mend their differences, and find peace. I never wanted anything to happen to John because as long as he was alive, there was hope. We still loved each other very much, she said, then broke off, crying.

MOVE says Gilbride was murdered because if he and Alberta mended their relationship, the government would lose its excuse of the custody battle to persecute MOVE. They knew that John Gilbride had the potential to come back to MOVE, which took away their justification to continue this court battle. So they upped the ante, said a statement by MOVE supporters. The press release ended by saying, We as supporters are not going to sit by and allow this system to create another May 13, 1985. We are not going to allow this system to get away with murder. The MOVE Organization / PO Box 19709 / Philadelphia PA 19143 USA Send email to onamovellja@aol.com

Harassment of Women at Cambridge Springs
This is an update on what is happening to the female prisoners at the Pennsylvania State Correctional Institute at Cambridge Springs. This issue is currently affecting all women imprisoned in Pennsylvania, and was brought to our attention by the MOVE 9 women Janet, Janine & Debbie. The situation that we are dealing with has been in place at other women s prisons in Pennsylvania for some time and has just recently been implemented at Cambridge Springs.

On August 5th, 2002 a new rule went into effect at Cambridge Springs prison, allowing the male staff to pat search the female inmates. In a routine search the officers run their hands across the shoulders, down the arms, down the entire back, between and under the breasts, down the sides of the torso, around the waist, down the buttocks, do
the inside and outside of the thighs and legs starting at the crotch. To have men searching women like this is a violation against us as women.

They are saying that these men are at liberty to feel on us like this any time they want to. And that s just what some of these men are going to be doing-using this as an opportunity to feel on women, There have already been situations of sexual misconduct by employees and inmates, by consent and force, In August 1991, this prison was under investigation by state representatives for misuse and abuse of authority, and sexual misconduct. At the time four officers had been brought up on sexual charges, found guilty, and fired. Some quit before they were fired. Despite these hearings the sexual harassment continues.

Statement from the women of the MOVE 9
Janet Africa, Janine Africa, Debbie Africa In the prison rule-book policy DCADM 008 on sexual harassment / abuse against inmates by staff members it says sexual harassment is the intentional touching, either directly or through clothing, of the genitalia, anus, groin, breast, inner thighs, or buttocks of any offender conversation or correspondence that demonstrates or suggests a romantic or intimate relationship. This description fits exactly to what the prison calls a pat search . During this so-called search the guard must actually touch the vagina of the prisoner. That is not sexual harassment it is rape. These searches are unwanted and unnecessary (there are hundreds of female officers and supervisors working at SCI Cambridge Springs). This is intentional touching labeled a pat search and forced on the women at Cambridge Springs. Our position is that no woman should be subjected to this treatment. MOVE prisoners will not allow male guards to so-called pat search them. This policy amounts to nothing less than sexual assault. Clearly if this precedent is allowed soon the male
guards will be molesting and raping female prisoners.

Please contact Secretary Beard of the Central Office for Pennsylvania Prison s and demand that this policy be repealed statewide. 7179754859

Also contact Warden Brooks (who is herself a woman) at Cambridge Springs 8143985400 and explain that if this policy goes into effect she will be seen as endorsing violence against women

Update from Mumia Legal Support
We are still waiting for a response in the US Court of Appeals to both sides appeals of federal Judge William Yohn s December 2001 ruling, in which he set aside Mumias death sentence-though he gave the state of Pennsylvania the option of conducting a new hearing at which Mumia could be sentenced to death again. If that hearing is not held, and Yohn s decision is upheld, then Mumia would serve life in prison without parole. Mumia s status is unchanged given these appeals. Contrary to popular opinion, he remains on Death Row, locked up 23 hours a day as before, with Plexiglas barriers between him and all visitors, and with all the other deadly restrictions inflicted on Death Row inmates. The Court of Appeals can respond in numerous ways to the appeals by both sides, ranging from overturning Yohn and re-imposing the original death sentence to upholding Yohn and leaving the question of a new sentencing hearing up to the state, to setting aside the guilty verdict in Mumia s original trial. International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia AbuJamal (ICFFMAJ) / 4601 Market Street Philadelphia PA / USA (215) 4768812

Mark Barnsley Update
Mark Barnsley was released from Whitemoor prison on Monday, June 24 2002. Mark has been released after serving two thirds of his 12 year sentence, but has yet to clear his name and have his wrongful conviction overturned. Prior to his release, Mark refused to sign his license on the principle that he is an innocent man and his freedom is his right. Mark says since my release I ve been taking things one day at a time. The Mark Barnsley Release Fund is still accepting donations for legal support of his case. , Mark Barnsley Release Fund / Sumac Centre, Box CC / 73 Beech Avenue Nottingham / NG7 7LR / UK

Richard Williams in Solitary Confinement
Anti-imperialist political prisoner Richard Williams has been held in Administrative Segregation since April 30th. He writes I ve labeled the Administrative Segregation solitary because they have made it so while denying it. He reports that seven of the 150 people in the prison s Ad. Seg. Unit are being held in double cells but are not allowed cellmates. Those who are being held in double cells are Richard, three men being investigated for serious assaults, and three Arab men who have been in constant lock up since September 11th. They are not allowed contact with other prisoners and recreate alone. Richard himself was initially put in Administrative Segregation on September 11th under the pretext of federal investigation of that day s action. He was released five months later, on February 11 . The day following his release from investigation, he suffered a heart attack. Two and a half months later, he was again put in Administrative Segregation. He has been awaiting transfer to a higher security prison, but has so far remained in solitary and not been transferred.

Richard wrote to Regional Director Robert M. Haro asking to be returned to general population, and not to be transferred to a higher security level prison. Haro replied

On April 29, 1986, you were convicted of Conspiracy to Commit Offense or to Defraud the United States. The warden has determined that your overall offense behavior presents a significant threat to the security and orderly running of the tuition. [ ... ] Your request for Regional Administrative Remedy Appeal is denied.

Haro presents Richard s 1986 charges and some vague words from the warden, as rationale for sending Richard to solitary, and for his eventual transfer to a higher security level prison. This. ignores that Richard has neither threatened nor acted violently towards anyone in the ten years he has been at USP Lompoc. The actions against Richard are pure repression.

Richard is currently receiving treatment for Atrial Fibrillation, but reports that the authorities were slow to respond to his needs once he got out of hospital. He periodically still has episodes relating to this condition, and again the authorities are slow to respond.

Richard writes of his prior involvement and his charges
I went underground to join the armed clandestine movement in 1981 and was captured in Cleveland on November 4th, 1984, my 37th birthday.

I was convicted for five of the United Freedom Front (UFF) bombings in 1986 in Brooklyn Federal Court. In 1987 1 got a hung jury at the Somerville, N.J. trial in the death of a state trooper during a shootout with Tom Manning. Next I went through a two-year long trial in Springfield, Mass., along with Pat and Ray Levasseur, in 1988 and 1989 for seditious conspiracy and RICO. The jury refused to convict us. In December 1991, 1 was convicted of killing state trooper Lomonco in 1981 after my second trial on these charges in Somerville, N.J. I am to serve 45 years for the UFF actions when I finish serving my N.J. sentence of 35 years to life. As with all dedicated revolutionaries the government has caught they have tried to bury my body away in prison, while being unable to crush my spirit.

Write to Richard Williams Richard Williams# 10377106 / 3901 Klein Blvd / Lompoc CA 93436 / USA Phoenix Anarchist Coalition PO Box 33 15 / Tempe AZ 852803315 USA

Tom Manning moved to Leavenworth
U.S. political prisoner Tom Manning was forcibly transferred back to the U.S. Penitentiary in Leavenworth, KS a few weeks ago. As a result of past brutal police beatings, Tom was in the Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, MO for hip, knee and shoulder surgery. Despite his continued need for post-surgery treatment and therapy, he was moved out! Tom says in a telephone conversation, Last Wednesday they kidnapped me right out of the yard. No property no warning at I p.m.. By 4 30pm I was in Kansas again. Sleeping like a stray dog in someone else s cell, bumming coffee, shampoo, etc. Tom is desperately in need of donations to help him purchase clothing (sweat suit), food, and sundries lost during this forced relocation. Please send postal money order checks made out to Thomas W. Manning #10373016 to the address below Thomas W. Manning 10373016 / US Penitentiary/ PO Box 1000 / Leavenworth KS 66048 / USA We hope that you find it in your heart to help this freedom fighter. Thank you for your continued support and solidarity! For more information on Thomas Manning and the prisoners of the United Freedom, Front, contact the December 16th Committee dec16@hotmail.com

Help Needed for Herman Wallace
After over thirty years in solitary confinement, Herman Wallace has been thrown in the dungeon at Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola. The prison says he had racist literature in his cell (Black Panther historical information), but has filed no charge against him. As the ACLU civil suit and the criminal post-conviction filings wind their way through the courts, the prison administration has stepped up the harassment against Albert Woodfox and Herman Wallace of the Angola Three.

Throwing 61 year-old Wallace in isolation where he is under 24hour camera surveillance is clearly retaliation for Wallace s continued resistance to the racist, illegal treatment of prisoners in Angola. The prison has tried for thirty years to break these men by keeping them in solitary and now they re stepping up the activity.

Excerpts from Wallace s letters
There is a man in this dungeon the security is really messing with I ll talk to the lawyers about it when I have a chance. The man has been on his back in 4 point restraints since 10/13 (date of letter 10/2 1). Men a man goes on 4-point they let him up the next day, but they are keeping this man like this without a shower or feeding him. I have been sending him my food when I can. He urinates and defecates on himself and they leave him like that. His mother came all the way from Shreveport to visit him and see how he was doing and because they have him in 4-point, they told her she could not see him. He is in the cell next to me and there is nothing I can do for him or any of the other guys here, as I can hardly do for myself.
Demand that Herman Wallace be released from the dungeon and apply pressure to have both Wallace and Albert Woodfox placed in general population while awaiting retrial by calling, faxing or writing Warden Burl Cain Louisiana State Penitentiary / Angola LA 70712 / USA Phone(225)6552002
Fax (225) 6552319
Assistant Warden Dupont
Phone (225) 6552024
Fax (225) 6552319
Assistant Warden Coody
Phone (225) 6552441
Fax (225) 6552814

Chris Plummer Arrested on Bunk Charges
Huntsville The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) held what was supposed to be a public forum for families of Texas prisoners-to address concerns with TDCJ policy. A reporter for Indymedia, longtime anarchist and antifascist activist, and former political prisoner, Chris Plummer was arrested outside the campus building for asking a simple question regarding TDCJ policy. Many activists in Texas and elsewhere feel this is not only a violation of his free speech rights, but also an example of the repression and intimidation that TDCJ officials use to eliminate any real concerns that families and supporters of prisoners have. Chris Plummer is on parole and this bunk arrest could land him back in prison. Chris has been meeting with an attorney to discuss how to defeat the charges that have been made against him. Given the absurdity of this incident, the chances of Chris beating these charges are great, but regardless of whether the charges stick or not, the financial and emotional stress placed on Chris by legal troubles is going to be costly. In the course of the past few months, Chris has been harassed by the police, and the authorities recently blocked him from traveling to Denver, Colorado to participate in the peaceful demonstrations against Denver s annual Columbus Day celebration organized by the American Indian Movement. Chris needs our financial and emotional support now more than ever. For more information on how you can help, call Chris Plummer at #5124975975 or email him at txuaf@yahoo.com

Anti-Racist 28 Cleared
Almost all charges were dropped against antiracist activists who demonstrated against neoNazis arriving in town to attend a racist rally at the US Capitol on August 24. The activists were charged with attacking the racists while they were parked at the Baltimore Travel Center inside their chartered bus, and were facing a combined total of 1, 177 years behind bars. According to James Rhodes, attorney for the AntiRacist 28, the case was incredibly weak, much of it relying on a video which could not identify any of the assailants because of the rain and the bus door which blocked much of the scene. There was no way in determining what role if any the

defendants played (in the assault). Rhodes said. Two charges still stand, but Rhodes says he expects those also to be thrown out before the scheduled Oct. 31 court date.

The attack, which was on a bus of neoNazi skinheads reportedly from Michigan, left a number of them injured and their bus, in the words of one demolished, The 28 defendants, who included a lawyer that was a legal observer for the demonstrators, reportedly did not arrive on the scene until after the assault. No one knows who was responsible. Over the past month, support for the AntiRacist 28 was widespread, September 23rd being declared an International Day of Solidarity for them, Meanwhile the Nazis compiled the defendants addresses they obtained from police records and spread them throughout the Internet. Among them was the Libertarian Socialist News, run by Bill White, a person close to the National Alliance (NA), the white supremacist group who sponsored the racist rally outside the Capitol. In a post reportedly signed by him on the DC Indymedia website, he said that as soon as the NA got the addresses of the antiracists they would all be dead. On Sept. 11, there were reports of neoNazis visiting some homes, but no incidents of violence were reported, despite White s reporting that some antiracists in Pittsburgh were beaten.

The benefits and fundraising efforts that are either planned or underway are still going ahead to help offset legal fees. For more information, see http //www.AntiRacist28.org or http //www.onepeoplesproject.com

Call for an International Support Campaign for the Long Beach / Southern California Anarchist
Recently I visited Los Angeles for a speaking tour, and learned of the harassment and frame-ups of Anarchists in Long Beach/Los Angeles County, California. It seems that repressive police And FBI terrorism is being used to crush the Anarchist movement there. During May Day protests against capitalism held in Long Beach, police without provocation attacked a street demonstration with brutal violence, arresting about 100 persons, and physically injuring several others. People were shot with rubber bullets, beaten with baton, and sprayed with Chemical Mace.

One of those arrested, Robert Middaugh, was later railroaded to prison with a three year sentence for assaulting the one of police officers attacking the protesters. He is now in prison as an Anarchist political prisoner of the government at a California penitentiary. Police justified the police riot by claiming protesters threw rocks, bottles, and other projectiles, and even feces at them, which has been proven to be a total lie. These attacks were unprovoked, and just designed to break up the demonstration and stifle the organizing of the Anarchist movement. They were political repression.

Since those protests last year, several other Anarchists have been arrested on bogus charges, and others have received numerous threats and harassment from the police, including constant visits to the Anarchist info-shop. A goon squad of cops have followed them at demonstrations, and tried to goad them to violence. Yet, through it all they have continued to protest pig/state repression. And they are now being supported by the Black community, especially folks who have witnessed or been the victims of police brutality. The Black community in not only Long Beach, but throughout L.A. County, has been subjected to police racist violence and police racial profiling.

Add to this the continuing FBI spying and the January arrest of Sherman A., founder of the radical website, RaisetheFist.com, then one can clearly see that the American government s police forces have singled out the Long Beach area as a test for how to crush the Anarchist movement in this period.

As has happened in the past, whenever Anarchism became a dangerous and potent political force, the government then engages in a policy of systematic political repression, This is similar to the FBI s COINTELPRO campaign against the 1960 s Black Panther Party and New Left. They framed activists, set groups against each other to prevent joint support, and used massive violence to put down protests. We must support these Anarchists, or they will be coming after us next. Today it s Long Beach and L.A., tomorrow it will be those of us in New York, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Detroit, or wherever Anarchists are organized. The new antiterrorist laws give the government a strong hand to put down political dissent, but solidarity is our major weapon. We must support each other, and not allow government lies and misinformation lead us to inaction.

I am calling on the international Anarchist Black Cross movement, and Anarchists all over the world to support the Long Beach Anarchists, Sherman A., Robert Middaugh, and others caught up in the government s dragnet. We cannot let this repression go unchecked, and injury to one is an injury to all.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? 1. Send donation for legal defense of these Anarchists to Long Beach Info-shop, 684 Redondo Avenue, Long Beach, CA. 908141453. 2. Send letters of complaint to Long Beach city and L.A. County officials demanding that they drop these prosecutions and end the harassment of Anarchists Mayor Beverly O Neil, 333 West Ocean Beach Blvd., Long Beach, CA. 90802. Email Mayor@ci.longbeach.ca.us Tom Reaves, City Prosecutor also needs to hear from you prosecutor@ci.longbeach.ca for bringing the misdemeanor charges, as does Steve Cooley, L.A. County District Attorney, who is bringing on the felony charges lada @co. I a. ca. us 3. Send letters of support for the victims of these frame-ups or this repression to Los Angeles Anarchist Black Cross, P.O. Box 367 1, Anaheim, CA. 98203367 1. Email LAblackcross@hotmaii.com 4. Spread the word on the case of the Long Beach Anarchists, and when the time comes for a mass solidarity protest (Day of Action) and a tribunal on police crimes, be ready to come there (dates to be announced). For more information on the Long Beach struggle, or to see pictures of the May 2001 police riot, please see the Stop Long Beach Repression website at www.stoplbrepression.org
By Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, August, 2002.

Further Repression in Long Beach
On January 24th, 2002, Sherman Austin became one of the first victims of the new USA Patriot Act when 25 heavily armed FBI agents and secret service surrounded and raided his home in Los Angeles because of his anarchist web site http //www.raisethefist.com. All computer equipment and political literature were seized. Austin went to court on Monday, Sept 30th to plead guilty to a felony related to information on the raise the fist website containing directions on how to make explosives. The plea bargain was to give Austin a felony conviction with I month in jail, 5 months in a halfway home and 3 years supervised release. The Judge rejected the plea, attempted to make Austin out as a terrorist and argued that Austin should serve more than twelve months in jail even though the sentencing is between 612 months for Austin s criminal history category. If going to trial, Austin faces 34 years in prison if convicted of both felonies, the additional charge being in position of an unregistered firearm.

Matthew Lamont (AKA Rampage), a Long Beach anarchist who has been highly involved with many local groups, has been in jail since April 20th, 2002.

On April 20th, Mathew Lamont was followed from the Long Beach Infoshoppe (REACH Center) by Long Beach Detectives where he was then pulled over in the city of La Habra and arrested.

He is being held in the Santa Ana Facility in Santa Ana, CA. and is being charged with 4 felony charges of possession of a destructive device, transporting of a destructive device, the use of a destructive device, and the possession of materials / instructions to make a destructive device.

Matt s bail has been placed at 100,000 dollars, and prosecutors have stated that they want to give him a minimum of 2 years.

Anarchist Black Cross Network Conference
The first Anarchist Black Cross conference in North America since 1994 was held on the weekend of July 2628, 2002, in Austin, Texas. The event, hosted by the autonomous Austin ABC collective and former political prisoner and Texas anarchist Chris Plummer, comes on the heels of the release of A New Draft Proposal for an Anarchist Black Cross Network which advocated the creation of a new network of anarchist anti-prison groups. The ABC-Network is now in existence and is a promising development in the generally weak and dismal North American activist milieu. Reports on the conference have been written by longtime anarchist activists Lorenzo Kom Boa Ervin and Ernesto Aguilar and others. These reports,

and other info regarding the ABC Network and prisoner-support activities, can be found at the impressive Anarchist Black Cross Network website www.anarchistblackcross.org

Ways to Support Jeff Free Luers
Write to the Governor of Oregon Urge the Governor to commute Free s absurdly long 22.5 year sentence. Point out the punishment does not fit the crime and that the Tyree oil conviction was based on circumstantial evidence. Sample letters are available from Free s Defense Network, Howl for Freedom, POB 50263, Eugene, OR 97405, howl for freedom@yahoo.com

Contribute to Free s Legal Defense Free is appealing his 22.5 year sentence on numerous grounds. It will take a few years before it gets before the court and will take lots of funds. This is the largest expense in defending oneself from state charges. Make all checks and money orders to Howl for Freedom and send to the address listed below.

Write Free
Prison is an extremely lonely place and sending letters to Free asking how you can help, sharing stories, telling him about what is going on in the world is a great way to help. Free responds to his letters and is a great correspondent. All letters can be sent to Jeffrey Luers, #13797671, Oregon State Prison, 2605 State Street, Salem, OR 973 10. Take care not to write anything on the envelope except addresses and to avoid writing the words Anarchy or Anarchism .

Contribute to Free s College Education
Free is currently taking classes in prison toward a college degree. Obviously, this will take time and a lot of money. Al I checks and money orders can be made out to Howl for Freedom and send to their address listed below.

Send him a book or zine
Prisoners in Oregon State Prisons must receive new books and they must be sent directly from the publisher. Best bets for getting books to Free are Amazon.com No, they aren t anarchists but they have everything and get books into prisons often. There website is www.amazon.com For more information about Free, contact Howl for Freedom, POB 50263, Eugene, ,OR 97405, howl for freedom@yahoo.com Websites www.freefreenow.org www.eugene.indymedia.org/features/prisoiie rs/index.htini www. breakthechains. net

International Updates
Natalia Kexiopoulou
Natalia Kexiopoulou is a 19-year-old student who came with her stepfamily from Abhazia, a region, of the former Soviet Union. From the time she was 14 years old, her father had been raping her regularly, threatening to send her back to Abhazia (a place that she remembers mainly for the horrors of the conflict there) if she said anything. On March 11, he tried to rape her again in his office. She pulled out a knife to defend herself and her father was fatally wounded. It should be noted that her father was a man of some power, being a member of the security service of Vladimir Putin, Russian head of state. Her court date was set for March 15, we have been unable to find and the outcome of her case or further updates. We call for solidarity with this courageous young woman, and all women who take direct action against patriarchy.

Antifascist prisoner Wayne Heaton
Wayne Heaton was sentenced to 18 months in prison for violent disorder during the Burnley riots last summer. Wayne, who grew up in Burnley, was none too happy seeing the growth of support for the racist British Nationalist Party (BNP) in his home town, So when the police defended the BNP, Wayne like many locals stood up and fought. He d love letters of support Wayne Heaton, GK 7292, Wing G 18, H.M. Prison, 2 Ribblestone Lane, Preston PRI 5AB, UK

Repression in Greece
Yannis Serifis, 63 year old anti authoritarian syndicalist, has been imprisoned and charged as being a member of the armed struggle group November 17 and for the murder of CIA chief in Greece, Richard Welch in 1975 (after the fall of the dictatorship). (This group has been active for 27 years in Greece and 17 people have been imprisoned prior to Yannis arrest-since late June as being members. It should be pointed out that when first arrested some chose to collaborate with the police and gave names of other members when first charged. Since then, claims have been made by some of these prisoners of forced and/or fabricated confessions by police). The authorities only evidence the confessions of 3 of those charged (it should be pointed out that these 3 men have since changed their statements and now say Yannis was never involved in the group and its actions). After 2 hours of questioning by the Court of Appeal, Yannis imprisonment was announced. Over 100 people anarchists, anti-authoritarians, revolutionary leftists-who had gathered outside, tried to prevent the police jeep (with Yannis inside) from departing. One person was arrested. The riot police attacked the demonstrators who threw stones in defense. Tear gas was used to disperse the crowd.

This is part of an ongoing campaign by the Greek and American authorities to imprison Yannis. 25 years ago, Yannis was charged with the death of militant Christos Kassimis. It was later revealed to be the work of two security agents. He was imprisoned for 15 months before the court announced the frame-up. He had the solidarity of many people just as he has now. Yannis has always made it clear that he has opposed the tactics of armed struggle. For over 40 years as an industrial worker and member of the group Class Unity at his workplace (public transport), he has preferred to be open (in speech and practice) about his involvement in the mass workers movement and class struggle. The authorities have no concrete evidence against him (i.e. his DNA, fingerprints were not found in the hideouts) and his imprisonment is part of a broader campaign to

criminalize the revolutionary left/anarchistlantiauthoritarian movement and create a culture of repression, curtail free speech and destroy independent syndicalism.

25 Prisoners Die from Smoke In Dominican Republic
La Vega At least 25 prisoners died of smoke inhalation on September 20 at an overpopulated and badly ventilated state prison in the Dominican Republic s central Province of La Vega, north of Santo Domingo. At least 50 other prisoners were injured, some seriously. Officials say a group of prisoners at the Concepcion jail set mattresses on fire after barricading themselves in their cells to protest a surprise inspection for weapons, drugs and contraband. As of September 2 1, national guard troops were posted outside the prison to keep back hundreds of angry family members chanting, Bring them out! The family members want to see the surviving prisoners so they can be sure they are unharmed. The Concepcion prison was built to house no more than 200 prisoners, but was holding nearly 600 at the time of the fire.

Prison Hunger Strikes in Turkey Claim
Another Life Gulnihal Yilmaz
an active member of Turkey s underground leftist movement, died on hunger strike. She joined the prison hunger-strike known as the Death Fast on June 18, 2001 in Kutahya Prison. She is the 95th martyr of the Death Fast. In the month of August alone four prisoners died on this hunger-strike. Guinihal Yilmaz was not an anarchist, she was a socialist. While we do not support the political objectives of the socialist movement, here or in Turkey or anywhere else, we do feel inclined to honor her death. The entire corporate press, many parties which call themselves left-wing and many NGOs (nongovemmental organizations) are ignoring her death. They would like us to believe that resistance does not involve death and suffering. They would like for us in the First World to continue to play games masked as activism , whining about privilege while we do nothing and the rest of the world fights and dies because of the activities of our culture. For these reasons and others, we honor Gulnihal Yilmaz 95th martyr of the, Turkish struggle against capitalist brutality.

Anarchists Acquitted!
Usak The trial of five Turkish anarchists from Usak has just ended and all of them have been acquitted! The court started in the morning with participation of 30 anarchists (for solidarity) and ended within approximately one hour. For background info on this situation, contact the group Anarsist Kara Ay (Anarchist Black Crescent) at Ankaraabcankara@yahoo.com

Let s Get Free!
Let s Get Free a new, 24 page pamphlet of writings for, by and about anarchist & Earth liberation prisoner Jeff Free Luers is available for a donation of $5. Proceeds of the sale of this pamphlet will (after paying copy costs) go to Jeff Luers directly. This 24 page, 8 x I I inch, well produced new pamphlet contains the following and many more writings Words from Free, Who is Jeff Luers?, Earth First! Journal Interview with Free, Free s Sentencing Statement, Rob and Free at OSP, Free s Statement on the 2nd Romania Arson, Never Cry Wolf by Killing King Abacus, Letters to the Eugene Weekly in defense of Free plus original artwork, poetry, Oregon state mailing regulations for sending Free mail, ways to support Free and more! To order this pamphlet, send $5 or more to
Break the Chains, PO Box 1133 1, Eugene, OR 97440 or Free s Defense Network, POB 50263, Eugene, OR 97405. Checks need to be made out to Howl for Freedom. Well concealed cash and checks only, please.

Prisoner Notes
Due to space and other considerations, we are currently unable to print everything we receive for We Never Sleep. We intend to build the newsletter as a legal resource, publishing legal information, queries and advice. We also prioritize prison news and updates, as well as items relating to anarchist organizing and to the prisoner network. If we do not print an item, we will note its arrival in the also received section and make copies available upon request. As we wish to get this newsletter to those who need it, we may not publish items likely to cause institutional mail rejections. We also prefer if disputes between network members are discussed directly between the relevant parties. Comment is always welcome on editorial decisions. Views printed in the Prisoner Notes section are those of the individual contributor and not necessarily those of the network as a whole (or of the outside support collective). Please clearly mark For We Never Sleep on everything intended for publication in the bulletin. Outside Support Collective

From Lee max Barnett
Thanks for the summary of the PATRIOT Act. I ve spent so much time working on my death penalty appeals that I haven t paid much attention to the act.

The dangerousness of the legislation is signaled in its title the PATRIOT Act. Such titles have been used before to get dangerous legislation shoved through the congress and senate without much opposition, e.g. the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act which followed the Oklahoma City bombing. What legislators would dare to oppose a bill with such a title Antiterrorism ! What I legislators would dare to oppose the PATRIOT Act after 9/11? Such titles should alert all people that their freedoms will be stolen and abused by the legislation. The title indicates the writers do not want any scrutiny or challenges to the bill. These Republicans are outrageously dangerous to freedom. They are the true American Taliban.

While the Attorney General and media have dubbed John WalkerLindh this, it is Ashcroft himself who is, by his actions, the real American Taliban. During the 1930s the Work Project Administration worked on many projects. One was some beautiful statues in Washington, DC. These have been on public display since the 1930s. Recently, Ashcroft decided that $8000 in taxpayers funds should be spent to cover up bare breasts on female statues. There is no doubt about it Ashcroft is the real American Taliban! And he is very dangerous to civil liberties. Lee Max Barnett / PO Box E03 100 / San Quentin State Prison / CA 94974

From Thomas Helms
I regret to have to tell you that all that at least two officers committed a sexual assault against me. I told the warden and he conducted an investigation. During the whole investigation, every officer had something to say against me. Well, I thought What about me, the victim? Every time, in every case like this one, who are they going to believe? The officer, of course. Now that the investigation is over, I am going to receive a written offense report and be sent to a seg. unit. I have written the prosecutor s office, but they refuse to answer. If anyone out there could help me with funds for an attorney, I would appreciate it. I have no family that can help me. All I have is you, my brothers and sisters. You can send money orders to my address here. I thank you for all your help with this issue.

Also, John Two-Names, I am sorry to hear about your mother. Tell her to stay strong. The spirits will see her through and she will be okay.

As for the question 1)at is the position of APLAN to prisoners charged with rape, sexual assault and other such crimes? I feel as an individual that we cannot support these people, because if we do, who would we feel about ourselves? What do we represent? 2) Does this apply to those who claim innocence or rehabilitation? I feel that if they are innocent let the law prove they are. As for rehabilitation, if they did it once, they will always have that impulse to do it again. I have to go, so everyone take care, and please help if you can. Thomas Helms #41892 / ISCI / PO Box 14 Boise, Idaho 83707 (USA)

From Jason Letzner
Dear friends and comrades of APLAN I am a politically conscious prisoner sending out a desperate call for solidarity and assistance. As of late the prisoncrats that work in the property room here have been repeatedly rejecting all of my radical books, catalogs, zines and most literature (i.e. anarchist, communist and environmental) while some of the material contains only slight hints of a political slant. All material is being rejected with no specific reasons as to why the material being sent to me is objectionable no specific reasons, no explanation and no right to have a hearing.

Everything is labeled a security threat regardless of the actual content. For example, last week a package of books that I ordered from AK Press was denied. This week the books Carnival of Chaos and Chronic! Riot! Spasm (an art book) were sent to me from Slug and Lettuce Book Distribution and consequently were also denied.

I am filing a grievance on the officers for denying me the right to have a hearing, and also for them not specifically addressing what is a security threat , but I feel this to be an ongoing problem for me that needs some serious agitation from comrades on the other side of these walls. Please feel free to write Warden Prelesnik to your outrage over the censorship that not only me, but many freethinkers on the inside are forced to endure Warden Prelesnik / PO Box 492 / 1728 Bluewater Highway Ionia, MI 48846 (USA) Yours for the revolution
Jason Letzner #165857 / PO Box 492
1728 Bluewater Highway / Ionia, Mi 48846 (USA)

From William Martinez
Greetings my comrades I am writing in agreement with what comrade Free (Jeff Luers) made mention of in We Never Sleep Vol. 2, No. 8. As those who get it know, APLAN s We Never Sleep lets anybody incarcerated have involvement, but what if an agent of repression (AKA fascist Nazi piece of shit) wants to sabotage work?

Let me explain I do a book study in the dorm with anybody that wants to learn about Anarchist history, and everybody knows that I m a practicing Anarchist peace punk, so I talk to people on an individual basis also. Now I have gotten in confrontations with racists in jails, predominantly BOWS, which stands for Brotherhood of Mite Strength. There are about three of those assholes running around my dorm, as well as undercover ones.

A kid confronted me one day telling me he used to be a racist and wanted to learn about Anarchism. At first I was doubtful but saw his actions and opened the door. I embraced him with Anarchist history and even gave him some contacts with people in Connecticut willing to help on the outside. He is home now well, the fuckin kid stabbed me in the back by nuking Ahead websites, and tricking other A-heads on the outside. This isn t the first time it has happened I have had other experiences on the outside with fascists making claims to be Anarchists for sabotage reasons. Now I am aware of who is in the book studies, if zines I share have addresses etc... I am totally paranoid.

We as a collective can embrace people but need to know who we are embracing, as it could be detrimental. I don t want to sound hierarchical, but where do we draw the line? I believe that we should have stronger guidelines for our collective. We should have someone on the outside to confirm that we truly are what we state. Then you ask What about prisoners that saw the light and chose the circle A lifestyle? It is hard for me to say we need to decide collectively but one thing for sure, there is someone that is lurking that could be fascist, and of there is we will find out.

Well comrades, I would love to hear your take or if you have had situations I like mine. If you want to write me do it I through APLAN as I can t write directly to prisoners. [ ... ] * ,

I end with this quote from Mikhail Bakunin Every enslavement of men is at the same time a limit on my own freedom. I am a free man so far as I recognize the humanity and liberty of all men around me. William Martinez #259840 / PO Box 1400 / Enfield, CT 06083 (USA)

From Thomas Meyer Falk
Apologies to Thomas for the delay in publishing this. As the US state prepares for slaughter in Iraq, we consider the points raised in this article to be as relevant as ever.

US Terror or Legitimate Self Defense?
On Sunday, October 7th [2001], the US army started bombing Afghanistan, together with the formerly biggest colonial power, Great Britain. This implies the extralegal killing of people, usually called murder. The US government and their allies, the self-appointed generals Bush, Blair, and of course the German government representatives Schroder, Scharping and Fischer, however, call it legitimate selfdefense.

Clearly, the UN Charter does not justify the attack on Afghanistan. Independent experts on international law who are not influenced by western governments correspondingly confirm and prove this illegitimacy.

Each and every law student is taught in the first semester that self-defense implies a direct and present attack against life and well-being. In this case, with the attack on the mischievous US-imperialism being almost four weeks in the past, one cannot talk of a direct and present danger. With rhetorical tricks and a clever manipulation of the masses, western governments create the impression that the west was just before extinction by fanatical Islamist. In order to enforce this impression people from Arabic countries are deliberately confronted with a general ban, and spied out by secret service methods.

The true intention behind these measures is to make use of the events of September I 1th in Washington and New York in order to increase the area and power of US influence, thereby forcing also those states and their people under the inhuman control of capitalism,. which were, up to now, able to avoid this control. George Bush cleverly states Those who are not with us are with the terrorists! , thus creating considerable psychological pressure.

People in the US, but also in Europe, who tried to maintain a critical view on the attacks on the Pentagon and the WTC, instead of participating in the collective mass hysteria, were and are still not only the target of state repression furthermore, there is also censorship of thought, speech and publishing within the left-wing scene.

This shows how strongly and effectively the manipulations of the state offices for repression work. 15 or 20 years ago radical left-wing activists celebrated the militant actions of their mostly Islamic fellow activists in Palestine or in other countries of the Middle East. Today people who men

tion the sorrow of the Palestinians are immediately confronted with the reproach of being anti-Semitic.

May the activists of September I 1th have been guided by the wrong reasons everybody who does not immediately express the greatest disgust at the attacks on the Pentagon and the WTC is placed in the fascist comer because the deed was basically fascist , as somebody wrote in an Indymedia forum.

What happened to the often-praised assumption of innocence ?

Until today there have only been unsubstantiated claims of partly obscure government sources, stating that Osama Bin Laden was the responsible person in the background.

As an anarchist-orientated person religions are strange to me, and so neither Christianity nor Islam tell me much. But I wonder if fundamental rights, which the western regimes a allegedly grant to all people, are not left aside now, as the Christian crusades against Islam are, being continued?! Under the name of an alleged , struggle against terrorism ! %ere is the proof for the alleged guilt of Osama Bin Laden? Is it already forgotten that in 199 1 the US government deliberately spread the wrong information that diabolical Iraqis were killing babies in hospitals in Kuwait, in order to justify the US intervention before their own people? Is it forgotten how, with substantial help from the German secret service and government (including the pseudo-pacifist Green Party) in 1999 it was alleged there were concentration camps in Serbia, and there was a Hufeisenplan ( horse shoe plan )?

What is particularly disappointing and frightening is that also and especially among the political left there seems to be something like a fundamental Christian belief, leading to a situation which was unthinkable about 15 or 20 years ago that left-wing activists express solidarity with the USA. The point is not favoring a primitive anti Americanism the point is the geopolitical (in a widespread sense of ecology, military, and ecology) power of the US administration and US economy! I agree fully with people who express solidarity with the working slaves that were killed in Washington and New York on September I 1th. But I cannot and do not want to express solidarity with the US soldiers that were killed in the Pentagon, who put people from life to death (e.g. in the former Yugoslavia or in Iraq). Was it an act of selfdefense to kill Chinese in Belgrade in their embassy in 1999? Is it selfdefense when the US bomb military targets in Iraq on a weekly basis?

Was it selfdefense when the US has been causing the deaths of tens of thousands of children since 1991 by means of the economic sanctions against Iraq?

Accordingly today in Afghanistan it is not a matter of selfdefense . While international law is consciously and deliberately ignored, people are being bombed and killed, who have no chance to defend themselves in a court case. Instead of acting against this, representatives of the German government cannot wait to participate actively well, the present government made their first experiences with attacks not in line with international law in 1999 that seems to have aroused their appetite. There it is back again, the German drive for power, feared especially by France. No to Christian crusades by the USA and Germany! No to attacks on innocent people against international law! Thomas MeyerFalk c/o JVAZ 3117 Schoenbomstr. 32 / 76646 Bruchsal Germany

From Sam Policar
I am no leader, organizer, motivational speaker or anything of the sort nor do I wish to be. In this struggle from all things oppressive I consider myself simply a soldier willing to stand side by side with anyone willing to make a stand. One of the many frustrations I have about incarceration is the lack of organizational support from the streets. There is some but not enough here in Oregon and some of the so-called groups are simply a hoax. One group whose leadership has hopefully changed hands claimed to be there to make positive changes for prisoners was headed by an individual whose family member is locked up so this person was very cautious (too cautious) in raising issues against ODOC and standing firm until ODOC made changes because they were in fear of retaliation by COs on their family member for their actions. My opinion is if you re not willing to stand all the way up keep your ass in your seat.

Currently I am housed in the IMU at Oregon State Penitentiary. It is called a 11 program by administrators and is currently undergoing some changes to give them the ability to keep us in this deprivation warehouse for as long as they wish, when they wish, without telling us anything. Basically what other states lockup units have been doing for years, but it is new in Oregon and needs to be battled right from the start. This IMU offers nothing but dead time and isolation. No school if you have a GED or diploma and those who don t very rarely get any help education-wise even though if you have no diploma or GED part of your program is to obtain one. Books are available on an exchange basis three times per week. However, the books are old and mostly a] I are missing pages, not to mention hold no real educational or literary value. There are 49 people per pod with approximately 60 books on the book cart for each pod, and carts are rarely rotated among pods.

The main reason I have taken the time to write however is because of ODOC s rule development procedures. Prisoners may comment on pending rules but that is a joke. However, individuals and groups on the streets have a say in rule development by requesting a public hearing. The only catch is there must be at least ten people requesting a hearing in order to get one. We in here need a voice out there that we can utilize for the purpose of disputing these off the wall rules that they make on a regular basis. Is there anybody (10 people) out there willing to lend some time? I am willing to step up and get this thing organized and rolling, so if anybody out there is interested, has suggestions or ideas that can help, please contact me. I will respond to anyone truly interested, just keep in mind that sometimes mail moves slowly in and out of the institution for some odd reason, so if you write and a response is slow in finding you, be patient or repeatedly send letters so if they are holding my mail they ll see not everyone gives up easily and accepts their games. Sam A. Policar #10275241 / OSP / 2605 State Street/ Salem, OR 973 10 (USA)

From Michael Spradlin
First, thank you for the Dec. 0 1 / Jan. 02 issue of We Never Sleep. [. ... ) I found this issue to contain much heartening material which helps to bolster sometimes sagging spirits. Because of the activism I pursue here, I am often singled out for repressive treatment. I am intelligent and lucid, so I never actually transgress serious policy, which would enable officials to excuse, condone and cover up egregious acts of violence against my person or property. However, I am daily tested, suffering primarily capricious selective enforcement of rules and arbitrary detrimental interpretation of policy.

I m sure all of you understand what I m talking about. One rule in Texas prisons states that contraband is anything that can be used for gambling purposes. Obviously, this could include anything at all, and has been interpreted widely through the years. It reminds me of a law in Missouri which I read about years ago while enjoying a short vacation in a rural county jail. The possession of burglary tools law was once enforced against a man who had a pair of gloves and a flashlight in his truck.

However, I refuse to complain and I certainly refuse to surrender. We are at war now. Sure, it is nonviolent and undeclared at the present time. But everything is fair in war, never mind the talking heads. We are responsible for perpetuating the struggle begun millennia ago. The basic rightness, the virtue of our position makes victory inevitable, however distant in the future. [ ... ]

I am writing to discuss the Legal Roundtable mentioned in We Never Sleep. I attend the law library for two hours daily and study prison cases. Therefore, I offer the knowledge I have gained and the experience I have garnered from assisting others on this unit to anyone who wishes to contact me. Please don t hesitate to ask. I m a neophyte, but a hard worker. If I don t know something, I ll go to extraordinary lengths to find out.

Meanwhile, while studying recently, I have developed a list of questions which I have been unable to resolve. If any reader can offer answers, guidance, or assistance with any of the following, I would be grateful. 1. 1 need a list of bookstores or outlets which sell used or damaged legal books at deep discounts. I desperately need the Prisoner s Self Help Litigation Manual, but cannot afford it new. 2. Names and addresses of sources of other important reference books at deep discounts for prisoners with a shortage of funds. Specifically, I have in mind such works as Corrections Yearbook, Directory of Directories, Encyclopedia of Associations, Gale or Ayers Directory of Publications, Bartlett s Familiar Questions, and Guide to Reference Books, and several others. 3. 1 need a source of addresses to magazines and journals to which I would like to write in order to preview an issue or submit an article or essay (e.g. Mother Jones, Mother Earth News). 4. 1 have only a brief description of a few acts and would like to read the entire text (e.g. Religious Liberty Protection Act of 2000, S 2081, HR 1691). 5. 1 would like to find a search service or helper who could access and print out and mail to me about 12 15 of the absolute most important prison conditions cases. These I would be able to keep in my cell at all times for research purposes. Additionally, I would like to hear from others more knowledgeable than myself who would suggest the actual 12 IS cases most important or landmark in the areas of prison reform. 6. 1 need a lot of instruction and guidance about the actual mechanics of organizing and initiating a suit to be granted class-action status. What are the steps I must take to accomplish this? 7. 1 also have a few Texas specific questions if any comrade wishes to write me with guidance on these.

Again I thank all members of the network who contribute to all our solidarity and support. I look forward to my next issue of We Never Sleep. Please feel free to contact me at Michael L. Spradlin #933197 / Allred Unit / 2101 FM 369 N. / Iowa Park, TX 76367 (USA)

From Harold Thompson
4/13/02 [Regarding Harold s lawsuit over censorship of his mail] Bad legal news! Here is the sequence of recent events related chronologically...

22 March the attorney general s staff took my deposition on the I amendment lawsuit and it went well. 25 March I received the defendant s interrogatory answers. According to Assistant Commissioner Rose ten of 22,000 25,000 inmates statewide receive anarchism, animal rights or environmental literature. Rose stated in 1999 there were 150 175 mail appeals with 90% of decisions upholding rejections. Seventy of those appeals were mine according to the state s exhibits! Several mail rejections were labeled Security Threat Group material and the security threat group topic came up in my disposition. I had asked Rose in an interrogatory if known or self avowed anarchists were deemed members of a security threat group. His reply, under oath, was No.,

28 March I mailed to the court my pretrial brief before a 5 April deadline for it. At trial I intended to submit 15 exhibit examples of magazines, newspapers and postcards sold by the Spanish Anarchist I B lack Cross but I won t get that opportunity for a while. On 12 April I received an order from the federal judge granting the defendants motion for summary judgment land dismissing my lawsuit! His order was based on all manner of dancing around issues, not addressing issues properly or addressing them wrong, making quantum leaps of faulty inferences and misinterpreting legal precedent. One example of this was in my pretrial brief I cited a US Supreme Court prison censorship case, Miller v. California, but the judge summarized it as a case in free citizens I amendment rights!

Now I have to appeal his dismissal to the US Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have faith I ll win on appeal in whole or in part. This is both sickening and angering as the judge ran it right down to the wire with a jury trial date set for 17 April then dismisses it with an opinion that reads like it was composed by a dim bulb first semester law student with a crayon if one is remotely familiar with prison censorship law precedent. The US appeals court requires another filing fee of $ISO which I m less than pleased about under the circumstances. I ve spent two years on this case and I ll spend another year fighting this dismissal order on appeal to have it overturned, and invest a lot of time and hard work writing briefs and supplemental briefs. It will likely be 2003 before this case is decided on appeal. It is likely that the appeals court s opinion will be published in law books when decided and will hopefully establish solid legal precedent on prisoners I amendment rights in Tennessee and other states. This case will likely end up in the United States Supreme Court for final resolution on down the road several years in the future!

I have thirty days from 5 April, the date the judge signed the order, to file my notice of appeal to the federal appeals court. I refuse to capitulate as I believe that is what this dismissal order is about, an attempt to discourage me into dropping it. When I know I m right I don t let myself become discouraged because I live for the fight, the struggle! [ ... .] Harold H. Thompson #93992 / Northwest Correctional Complex / Route 1, Box 660 Tiptonville, Tennessee 38079 (USA)

Book Em is a 100% volunteer non profit organization that sends books to prisoners on request! write us at
Book Em
po box 71357
pittsburgh, pa

please request subjects of interest rather than specific titles and update us on the mailing restrictions of your facility

From Thomas Tripp
Comrades For Free Some of you in Oregon may know me from the past 31/2 years in the prison system, or may have heard about me or read my writings. I am currently finishing out the last six months of my original sentence for beating a man with a baseball bat. I am also awaiting trial on charges stemming from last year s action at Two Rivers Correctional prison in Oregon. I am not an anarchist, but I do consider myself to be a revolutionary, and I am fully committed to helping bring about the destruction of all states, the release of all prisoners, the dissolution of capital and the creation of a truly free society. My efforts are focused against the government of this country and its control apparatuses (prison, television, coppers, pop culture etc.) I also respect and support all truly revolutionary actions. I was referred to APLAN by my good friend (and cofounder of the group Belligerence ) Monk (Henry Jones) and I am a part of APLAN because I see it as an excellent forum for connections with other revolutionary comrades, both inside and outside of prison.

To JRok I believe the way we begin to educate the masses is to stop seeing them as moronic sheep . We must begin to see the international proletariat s ( proletariat used in reference to that portion of society which does not control its own existence today this includes nearly everyone) liberation as both the object and method of revolutionary struggle. The fact that we, as revolutionaries, are awake to the ills of the present social structure and are committed to its destruction only makes us awake and committed it gives us no special monopoly regarding intelligence or individuality. The radical education of the masses entails our viewing them as capable of being educated, capable of controlling their own existence and when we realize that the masses are only sheep. And we are still sheep as a result of the systematic repression of the individual (by television, formal education, pop culture, prisons and the
injustice system, advertising etc.) which capitalism and the state find necessary for their survival. Bear in mind, JRok, that this is merely my opinion and is not meant as criticism, but as a contribution to the dialogue on this subject.

Finally, regarding people who have committed sex offenses as Mr. Vandersloot said, we should deal with the problem in the same way we would in a free society. I personally would not associate with sex offenders in a free society, and I do not wish to as a part of APLAN. This is merely my opinion.

One last thing the Umatilla County DA has gone from offering 42 months to 24 months in prison in exchange for my guilty plea in the Two Rivers case I rejected both offers. In solidarity Thomas Thomas Tripp #12032560 / 777 Stanton Blvd. / Ontario, OR 97914.

Afterwards on my case
Thomas Tripp

On April 16, 2002, 1 stood in the Umatilla (Oregon) courtroom (a wild-west style storefront courtroom) and pled no contest to the charges of Riot and Criminal Mischief I . For these charges I was sentenced to two fifteen month sentences, run concurrently. I was also ordered to pay $75,454 to the State of Oregon (yea, right!). These sentences are the result of my participation in the February 2001 uprising at Two Rivers prison, which has been touch on in the pages of Break The Chains (many thanks to NPPSN for that). I realize that my decision to take the deal and plead no contest runs contrary to the 11 no compromise ethic of many anarchists (especially my own), so I felt that perhaps it would be appropriate to explain my reason for convicting myself. Basically, I convicted myself because my conviction was from (lie beginning a foregone conclusion. As the editor of Break the Chains mentioned to rile when I was considering going to trial, I have written fairly extensively on the subject of my participation in this event. If you combine the District Attorney s evidence videotape of the evening s festivities the supposedly unimpeachable testimony of the cops and my own writings, I think it s safe to say that I would have been convicted on all charges and sentenced to upwards of five years at the least. Instead, I took the easy way out. While I feel that the physical struggle against the state, engaged in from behind these walls is vitally important to our overall struggle, I also feel that I can be even more effective in that struggle from the outside walls of prison. Taking a deal is using their weapons to beat them at their own game.

Because I am not completely without principles, I did submit a statement to the judge which I felt adequately expressed my contempt for him and his position as the Representative of the State. (Let us spit in passing on Judge Jeffrey Wallace and Assistant District Attorney Gretchen Lard for their superb handling of this case.)

The sentence I took was the best sentence I could have expected (in fact, it was much better than I expected). But, unfortunately, the only way to get this sentence was to compromise myself a No Contest plea. So, in the end, I took the deal. I exchanged 15 more months in prison for two hours of freedom in the belly of the beast. A worthy exchange, wouldn t you say?

The Sentencing Statement of Political Prisoner Of War Thomas Tripp
Today you think you have won, today you find me guilty of turning your methods against you and today you steal away more of my life. Today the state, rapist of the Earth, thief of years, murderer of innocents, has passed judgment on me not for being criminally , mischievous, nor for engaging in riotous behavior but for battling against the tyranny of the state, in its most tyrannical setting its prison system. Today the state fancies itself as above the people because it is grown fat on the bloodstained dollars of capitalism. Because the state owns the prisons, the guns, the fences and walls. Because it has raped the meadows and murdered the forests and stolen the lands of the Native peoples. And you, the representatives of the state the judges, prosecutors, politicians, and cops also are grown fat on the bloodstained dollars and have built the electric chair and bought the guards to silence the dissidents and secure your positions as the representatives of a false power. But do you know that a tide is rising a tide of liberation, of which the actions of my comrades and I are only the merest hint and that no guns, no prisons, no fences or walls can stem that tide? Do you know that the days of your illusory power are drawing to an end? Your two million prisoners know. The homeless, wandering the streets with only hunger in their bellies know. The families and minds torn apart by your bombs and prisons and guns know also. I know. And soon you judges, prosecutors, politicians and cops will know too. So, for today, you may think you have won. But a tide is rising, and someday we will all be free maybe even you. Until that day, I remain openly defiant to this court and everything it represents, with a proud heart and a clenched fist.

From Jerome White Bey
Open letter to the anarchists of Missouri Dear Fellow Anarchists, I am proud to say I am an anarchist, though I am a prisoner of the state of Missouri and I have been in here for 24 years, but I refuse to give in to the prisoncrats. Sometime ago a group of prisoners and myself founded the Missouri Prisoners Labor Union and our goals and objectives are to promote social justice, human rights, prisoner rights, workers rights and prisoners right to vote. We seek to establish a prisoners bill of rights, the enforcement of prisoners abuse laws, workers compensation for prisoners, the enforcement of Missouri nepotism laws, to establish prisoners minimum wages pay scale, to. establish impartial ombudsman office, to abolish the death penalty and to No Parole laws and to abolish the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution.... Fellow anarchists since the time we organize ourselves as the MPLU I have been through hell and back, I ve been harassed beyond one s belief. We are suffering from a lack of support in Missouri from our comrades. Here in Missouri most of you (anarchists) do not understand or care to understand the issues surrounding the prisoners struggle so you choose to look the other way when there is a struggle going on right in your back yard. I understand that some of you feel safe by doing absolutely nothing. You spend your time arguing and debating over the difference of opinion, in which we don t have the time or energy to waste. Comrades, as anarchists how would you define our anarchist movement in general, the state of our purpose? We are fighting to obtain our civil and human rights, and I am in need of your aid in our struggle here. The abolition of prisons, the systems of laws, and the capitalist state is the ultimate objective of every true Anarchist. So if you are not afraid of a real live fight with the prisoncrats and are willing to join forces and assist us in organizing a prisoners labor union movement on a national level I can be contacted at Jerome WhiteBey #37479 / Jefferson City Correctional Center / PO Bo& 900 Jefferson City MO 65102 (USA)

From Ron Young
Dear Comrades, Revolutionary greetings to you. I just wanted to inform you that on June 15th, 2002, 1 will be returning to the free world after having served my entire ten-year sentence in the Texas gulag. I appreciate the support and solidarity you have shown me during my term of imprisonment and I hope to remain in contact with you after release. Please note that after the above date all correspondence should be sent to me at the following address Ron Young / PO Box 355 / Whiteface, TX 79379 (USA) Thanks again. Onward to the revolution. In solidarity Ron

From Joe Zabick
In response to We Never Sleep Sept/Oct 2001 vol. 2 no. 7
Every day we evaluate people by their interaction with us. Should there be some special criteria or prejudged state of mind in dealing with prisoners, convicted criminals? Should they be categorized according to their crime? A person who commits a crime, or is accused of doing so, is not defined by their crime. Their crime is not their master status.

The anarchist community and activist community supposes to, amongst other things, be offering people ideas to unclog mental constipation many individuals prior to imprisonment never had a chance to asses themselves or the society they were immersed in, they had no exposure to ideas and concepts such as offered by anarchists/activist communities. Many take this time in prison to reevaluate themselves and perhaps build themselves with new ideas and concepts. Many may have very well committed terrible acts against their fellow human beings, at one time. This is now should they in their possible search for meaningful ideas for a way of life be cut off, ostracized, or labeled, categorized by the very people who claim to want abolition of all forms of oppression?

I deal with hearts and minds, with human beings and this prison is my daily reality. Tell me how the very nature of your proposal is not bourgeois, reactionary, and objectifying? Zabick #6683 61 / Rt. 3 Box 9800 Dayton, TX 77535 / USA

Also Received
Dolen Glen has sent out an appeal for financial assistance for his education. If you can offer any help, please contact Mr. Glen directly. Dolen Glen # 860216/ PO Box 4 1 Michigan City, IN 46361 (USA)

Umoya Kwazulu sent an article regarding his lawsuit in the U.S. District Court, in Abilene concerning the Texas Department of Corrections rejection of books. The books in question have been rejected based solely on their African American content. The magistrate decided that books such as Paradise by Toni Morrison where written solely to cause prison disruptions. All proceedings in this case ended in January, 2000. A full copy of this article is available on request from APLAN. Umoya Kwazulu AKA Richard T. Ayers #46836 1/ PO Box 4500/ Tennessee Colony, TX 75886 / USA

Jason McKenzie submitted an appeal for outside help with typing, editing and putting together pamphlets for his group, No Longer a Prisoner of Ignorance . He may be contacted at Jason McKenzie #380655 / 100 GA Highway 147 02 #24 / Reidsville, GA 30499 / USA

John Perotti submitted an essay titled is It Really Worth It? chronicling the futility of prison litigation due to liberal organizations and attorneys lack of concern for prisoners real issues. A copy of this article is available upon request from APLAN. John Perotti #167712/ 878 CoitsvilleHubbard Rd/ Youngstown, Ohio 44505 USA

Ammon Ra shared and essay comparing chattel slavery to today s prison system and its effective destruction of the familial bonds of African

Americans. This excellent essay is available upon request from APLAN. Ammon Ra (Sumrall) #304127 100 GA Hvq 147 / Reidsville, GA 30499 USA

Once upon a time, a motha visited her son in prison and asked him, Son, what is it that these people are doing that makes you so mad all the time? The son shook his head but didn t say anything. So the motha reiterated her question Son, what are these people doing that make you so mad? After a moment of silence, the son responded, The better question is what are they doing that makes me want to forget all about going home ...

According to the Associated Press, on May 20, 2002, Napolean Harris, a man housed in Georgia State Prison (GSP), forgot all about going home. The report alleges that Harris repeatedly punched and kicked , correctional officer (CO) James Henderson in a cell block, which resulted in Henderson dying after being in critical condition for two weeks.

The report also states that Harris (AKA PoBoy ) was serving a 15-year sentence for a 1993 armed robbery conviction. However, because an additional 3 years had been added to his sentence for attacks on other guards, the latest Harris could ve gotten was 2011 instead of 2008, should he have been denied parole.

2008 and definitely 2011 may seem like ages away, but in reality, both years are not anyone with either long-term or short-term goals will tell you that 2008 and 2011 are just around the comer. So with this understanding, you ask, why would a prisoner punch, kick, and attack prison guards (as the mainstream media says) when it is known that such actions will result in him receiving more time in prison?

To answer this question intelligently, we must fast admit that although prisoners out number correctional staff across the nation, it is nonetheless axiomatic that corrections personnel control virtually every aspect of prisoners lives from issuing them clothes, feeding them and giving them medical treatment to allowing prisoners to use the phone, watch TV, receive mail, buy food, and visit with family and friends. Therefore it cannot be disputed that corrections personnel run the US Prisons.

The question, however, that begs to be answered is how can a minority of people (I.E., CO s) control the majority (I.E., prisoners)? The most likely answer is the minority systematically uses violence to maintain control. (Remember South Africa?)

In Hudson v. McMillian, 1 the U. S. Supreme Court dealt with the issue of whether the use of excessive physical force (by COs) against a prisoner constitutes cruet and unusual punishment. In that case, it was established that on October thirtieth, 1983, prisoner Keith Hudson had an argument with C.O. Jack McMillian. Latter that day, C.O. McMillian returned

with C.O. Marvin Woods to handcuff and relocate Hudson to the Angola penitentiary s administrative lock down area.

It was only when Hudson was handcuffed, outnumbered, and out of view and earshot of other prisoners that McMillian began to punch Hudson in the mouth, eyes, chest, and stomach, while Woods held the inmate in place and kicked and punched him from behind. Officers Woods and McMillian s supervisor Arthur Mezo, witnessed the incident, and reportedly ordered them to not have too much fun.

On May thirteenth, 1988, a riot broke out and lasted 3 days at the Mack Alford Correctional-Center in String-town, Oklahoma. Carl D. Mitchell was incarcerated there at the time. It was established that Mitchell had nothing to do with the riot that (2) confessed white supremacist admitted to starting the riot ant that two-prison guards thought so highly of Mitchell that they urged him to negotiate the release of hostages. Moreover, Warden James Saffle went on the record as having said that Mitchell was a model, nontroublemaking prisoner.

Mitchell, however, had one foible that the Oklahoma prison officials frowned upon he was a litigator. So when the police took back control of the prison, Mitchell was relocated to the Oklahoma State Prison along with those involved in the riot or otherwise deemed troublemakers.

Once at the Oklahoma State Prison, Mitchell was stripped of all clothing, including his prescription eyeglasses (for approximately two months) then he was placed in wrist, ankle, and belly chains. In these restraints, he was forced to run through a gravel yard where he fell, only to have prison guards kick and stomp him while yelling, Get up nigga, get up!

When placed inside a filthy cell, Mitchell was denied a mattress and bedding despite the fact that night temperatures ranged in the 50 s. The same warden who claimed that Mitchell was a model and non-trouble-making prisoner (I. E. James Saffle), justified these deprivations by arguing that clothing and bedding were privileges , and that clothing could be wrapped around light bulbs to start fires and use to snare and choke guards. (sic)

(Mitchell, like Hudson, sued his captors for the things they did to him, as described above) Some opine that both the Mitchell and Hudson incidents are isolated because one occurred in Oklahoma while the other happened in Louisiana. However, such views overlook the facts that (1) a police is a police no matter where he is, what his race is, and what his politics are, and (2), police, prison guards, etc., have a national (and perhaps international) mandate to use violence against those who challenge or otherwise question authority.

Hudson was his in the mouth for arguing with a cop. And Mitchell was hit in the mouth because he filed complaints against cops. Both were assaulted because the police felt violence would make them docile and quiet. This is how all oppressors prefer the oppressed to be! So when police/prison guards/security guards use violence to achieve their goals of making their subjects docile and complacent with their orders, it can never be said that their actions are isolated , regardless of whether the incident occurs in prison, in society, in Cali, in Indiana, or even in Georgia. For systematic violence is never isolated!

Even though the supposed first Black president (i.e. Bill Clinton, AKA a good friend of African Americans ) went to great lengths to circumscribe prisoner lawsuits with his signing of the Prison Litigation Reform Act, civil litigation still is an available avenue for prisoners who desire compensation for wrongs committed against them by correctional staff.

But what about the prisoner who cannot afford a lawyer or who does not have the patience, understanding, and mental capacity to file a lawsuit pro se and who, at the time of him being victimized, is not handcuffed as Hudson and Mitchell where during their assaults? What is this prisoner supposed to do accept an ass-whipping or fight back? The word around G.S.P. is Napolean Harris is the prisoner described above, and under the circumstances that were present, he chose to fight back.

So to finally answer our question of why would a prisoner use violence against an officer when he knows he could get more time in prison, we should consider what chief district judge Panner stated in the case of Lemaire v. Maass3

People who are abused and treated with violence are those most likely to treat others abusively and violently. Confining people under conditions of extreme violence, fear, and hostility, and releasing them into society is like throwing a ticking time bomb into a crowd.

1 Hudson v. McMillian 112 S.ct 995 (1992)
2 Mitchell v. Maynard 80 F 1433 10th cir. (1996)
3 Lemaire v. Maass 745 F SUPP 623 D. OR (1990)

Ammon Ra July sixth, 2002
Ammon Ra (Sumrall) #304127 / 100 GA Hwy 147 / Reidsville, GA 30499

My Name is Bitch!
When I stand up for what I believe in, When I stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, When I think my own thoughts, and refuse to accept the brainwashing and conform, When I won t tolerate oppression, injustice, and bigotry, And take a stand against them They call me Bitch

If being a bitch means that I will not compromise my values, If it means I don t put myself and my needs at the very bottom of my list of priorities If it means I live my life according to my rules & not those society attempts to force upon me, If it means I won t allow anyone to walk all over me, If it means I have strength and courage to be myself, Not what civilization thinks a woman should be If all this makes me a bitch, I welcome and embrace the title with pride.

I am outspoken, opinionated, passionate and relentless. Knock me down, I rise again, Stronger.

You will not silence me
You will not own me
You will not control me
You WILL remember me

By an anonymous woman prisoner in Oregon